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It's wine, dine, and investigation time!

Don’t settle for a boring night out! Let The Murder Mystery Co. bring the fun of a murder mystery dinner party directly to you and your guests!

When someone drops dead mid-meal, you and your table will have to put your heads together to hunt down the killer. You might even be chosen as a prime suspect. As the night continues, you’ll interrogate suspects, gather clues, and work with your team to crack the case before the culprit gets away!

Our shows are immersive, which means you will get out of your seat and bribe suspects for clues in between courses. Our professional actors guide the comedic caper for an entertaining night of laughter and mystery. No two guests will have the same experience—our shows are designed to create memorable moments for every attendee.

Mystery dinners are trending as a popular party idea for private events for office parties or for an entertaining evening for family and friends. The Murder Mystery Co. is setting up crime scenes across the country. Isn’t it about time you added a little murder and mystery to our next event?

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MYstery on the High Seas - Join us for a murder mystery cruise on Royal Caribbean International!

October 25 - 28, 2024
Departing Los Angeles for Mexico

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In our fully-immersive show, guests will be welcomed into the world of the mystery by costumed actors, who will explain to them the rules of the game, and assign suspect roles.

The roles played by your guests are usually those of suspects who may have committed the crime. Props or light costuming may be offered to the guest, such as hats or glasses, to help them get into character while allowing the other guests to identify their new persona.

Most often guests will work together as “dinner detectives” to solve the mystery. They will have goals to accomplish throughout the show to figure out which suspect committed the crime.

Not sure what will happen at Murder Mystery Dinner Show? Let us tell you what to expect.

You’ve purchased your ticket, taken your seat, and are enjoying a delicious meal. But now what?!

Step 1: Roles are distributed.

Our actors will be in character, floating around the room and speaking to each of the guests. They will be assigning 8-12 people as ‘suspects’. These people will have nametags and a few costume pieces such as sunglasses, feather boas, or hats. Keep your eyes out for them—one of these people will be the ‘murderer’! Those who are not assigned as ‘suspects’ should be ready to play ‘detective’. Their role is to be paying close attention to what’s happening around them and asking questions of our suspects during the investigation times. 

Step 2: The Show begins.

This is where the real action starts to happen and the ‘murder’ will take place. Don’t worry—no one will be injured during this ‘stage death’! There are three acts in each show. This gives you three chances to watch the performances carefully and ask questions before you have to solve the crime. However, don’t forget your other objectives: eating your meal and having fun! Courses and laughs are served throughout the show.

Step 3: Solve the crime!

Now here’s the important part: figuring out ‘whodunit’! Spend some time discussing with your tablemates who you think had the motive, the opportunity, and the means to commit the crime. It’s important that who you name meets all three of these criteria because there is only one correct answer in each show. 


Want something a little more private? Consider hosting a murder mystery dinner in the comfort of your own home or at a venue of your choice!

Planning your own murder mystery dinner is made easy with the help of our party planning pros. We just need to know a couple simple things to get started with crafting your personalized party package. Decide how many people you'd like in attendance and when you would like the party to be and we can take it from there!

You can host a murder mystery at home, or you can choose an event space - we’re flexible. Once you know who’s hosting, you can contact our team and we’ll provide everything you need once the big day arrives, including essential costume pieces for your guests.

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As the nation’s largest theater company, we make it convenient to play dinner detective nearly anywhere in the country. Contact us today and we’ll help you plan your very own murder mystery dinner.

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