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Host a Murder Mystery Dinner in Chattanooga

Planning an event in Chattanooga and in need of a standout idea? Look no further than hosting a murder mystery dinner! We've given the classic 'dinner and a show' a devious twist—don your detective's hat, polish your magnifying glass, and embark on a case that will have you guessing (and chuckling) until the very last clue!

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No need to endure a dull night out. The Murder Mystery Co. is here to inject excitement into your evening with our captivating murder mystery dinner party, conveniently delivered to you and your Chattanooga guests!

Picture this scenario – during a delightful meal, an unexpected death shakes up the atmosphere. It’s time for you and your tablemates to team up and embark on a mission to track down the culprit. You could even find yourself in the hot seat as a key suspect. As the night progresses, prepare to question suspects, gather crucial clues, and work in tandem with your group to crack the case before the perpetrator makes a getaway!

Wine, Dine, and Investigate a Crime

Prepare to be fully immersed in our shows, where you'll be up and about, wheeling and dealing with suspects for hints between meal courses. Our adept actors lead the humorous escapade, delivering an evening brimming with mirth and intrigue. Rest assured, no two guests will encounter the same adventure—our performances are meticulously designed to forge lasting memories for every participant.

Our shows are incredibly adaptable, capable of taking place in virtually any setting you prefer. Simply inform us of your preferred venue, be it a picturesque restaurant's outdoor patio or the comfort of your living room. Our actors are well-prepared to accommodate groups of all sizes, from cozy gatherings of 8 to grand events hosting 350+ guests.

There's no occasion that doesn't pair perfectly with a Chattanooga murder mystery party! Whether you're orchestrating a special birthday bash, a spirited holiday reunion, or even a corporate team-building rendezvous, we've got your back. We offer a two-hour burst of interactive entertainment that encourages everyone to collaborate toward a common goal. Let your guests create memories that will be etched in their minds for years.

How can I host a murder mystery dinner near me?

Crafting a memorable murder mystery dinner in Chattanooga has never been easier, thanks to our skilled party planning team. Just provide us with a couple of essential details, such as the number of attendees you have in mind and your preferred event date, and we'll take care of the rest!

Team up with Tennessee's Experts in Mystery Entertainment for your upcoming event near Chattanooga. We’re ready to put together your killer event today!

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As the nation’s largest theater company, we make it convenient to play dinner detective in Chattanooga. Contact us today and we’ll help you plan your very own murder mystery dinner.

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