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Private Mystery Parties

Host your own private murder mystery party.

We come to you and take care of all the details!

You and your guests can pick from our many party themes and even get in character by dressing to the theme or era. Our professional “murder-pros” will help advance the plot as you uncover clues and solve the mystery of whodunnit.

By the party’s end you and your team will discover who committed the crime from your pool of suspects, including your fellow guests!

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Public Dinner Theater Shows

Our murder mystery dinner shows serve up three-courses of mystery, intrigue, and murder! We take interactive dinner theater to a new level as you and your fellow audience members work together to try to solve the crime. With more than 30 locations across the United States we make it easy to take part in a murder mystery near you.

The goal of a murder mystery dinner is for participants to gather clues provided throughout the plot and use them to deduce the identity and motive of the “murderer.”

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More Event Options
with The Murder Mystery Company

We’re the Experts at transforming any event type into a killer murder mystery party. Whether you’re throwing a corporate team building event, a fundraiser, or a party with friends, we’ve done it all!

An Inclusive Experience
That's Exclusive to You

Welcome to an immersive murder mystery experience where you will become a part of the story.

Someone will die before your eyes. Will you be able to figure out who the culprit is?

Murder mystery parties with The Murder Mystery Company are crafted to make a one-of-a-kind experience that is perfect for any event! Everyone gets involved in the schemes concocted by our highly skilled mystery crew. Each party is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

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