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The Murder Mystery Company has over 15 years of experience giving parties the touch of mystery they’ve been missing. Partner with us to turn an average get-together into an affordable and unforgettable experience everyone can be a part of!

We pride ourselves on date flexibility, a policy you won’t find through many other companies. Whether you’d like to host this at your home or a venue, we come to you to make virtual mystery magic.


Online murder mysteries can be a fun and engaging team-building activity for remote teams. Here are some reasons why they can be a good choice:

  • Team Bonding: Murder mysteries encourage team members to collaborate and work together to solve a common mystery. It can help strengthen team bonds and improve communication among remote team members.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Participants must use their problem-solving skills to unravel the mystery, which can be a great exercise for remote teams who often need to think critically and find solutions independently.
  • Engagement: Murder mysteries are usually immersive and entertaining, which can boost engagement and enthusiasm among team members during virtual events.
  • Inclusivity: They can be designed to accommodate large groups and are inclusive of different personalities and skill levels.
  • Remote-Friendly: Since it's an online activity, it's accessible to remote teams regardless of their physical location.
  • Customizable: Many online murder mystery games are customizable, allowing teams to tailor the experience to their preferences and goals.
  • Online murder mysteries can be a creative and enjoyable team-building option for remote teams, but it's important to assess your team's preferences and make sure it aligns with your team's goals and dynamics.


  1. Before the game starts, you will get access to more information about your character - who they are, where they came from, what their relationship to the murder victim is, etc.
  2. You will get some basic instruction as to what your goals are - mainly, to investigate the murder and the other guests or suspects.
  3. The entire party will view an intro video together and you will be free to ask your host any questions you want.
  4. Once the party begins, there are breakout rooms within the Zoom call where guests can hold conversations and investigate clues to the murder.
  5. The host, one of our actors, will provide new clues and background information when appropriate.
  6. The mystery unfolds over the course of three acts - think of it as a play starring you and your friends and family, figuring it out as you go along.

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Benefits of Hosting a
Zoom Murder Mystery Game

You Pick the Time
We Commit the Crime
Stress - Free Fun
A Reason To Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Zoom Murder Mystery Party?

A Zoom murder mystery party is very similar to our in-person Murder Mystery parties - a night of intrigue, mystery, murder and fun, all without leaving your house. Our professional actors host the entire show, guiding you and your guests through the game, allowing you to relax and have fun solving the murder with your friends. You pick the time we commit the crime and invite your friends, then we do the rest.

Does the host get to play in their own murder mystery party?

Yes, you will get to join the party and play in the murder mystery. Once it’s time for the party, everything is out of your hands and your experience will be stress-free. You won’t have to keep track of any extra plot details and secret information, or give any directions to your friends, etc. Our professional actors host the game, provide direction and facilitate the party along through the stages of the story. Just like all your friends you’ve invited, you’ll be a full participant in the party and will have your own character and role to play. Our Zoom murder mystery parties are designed to be stress-free and fun for all. When you host a DIY murder mystery party, someone - usually the host - ends up having a bit less fun due to extra responsibilities of hosting. With our version of a Zoom murder mystery, it is stress free and fun for all.

How do I invite friends to a Zoom murder mystery party?

When you sign up and book your Zoom murder mystery party, you will get invitations to send to your friends. Each invitation is customized to fit a different character in your murder mystery show - you get to cast your friends in each part by sending them the invitation associated with each character.

How do you host a murder mystery party online?

It’s a lot easier to host a virtual murder mystery than you might think. Once it’s time for the party, everything is out of your hands and your experience will be stress-free. Your responsibilities are to sign up & book the murder mystery party, send the invitations to your guests, download and install the Zoom video conferencing app on your device, dress up for your character, show up on time for your video call, and have fun. We design our games to allow you to sit back and relax once the game gets going. Unlike other murder mystery games, with our Zoom mystery parties you don’t have to be the mastermind, coach your friends, or host your own murder mystery. You just have to book the party.

Can you do a dinner party over Zoom?

While most of our guests opt not to eat a meal during our Zoom murder mysteries, since it is difficult to eat a meal and participate in the murder mystery game over Zoom, we welcome and encourage a BYOB or wine & murder event, if you and your guests drink. Nowadays, drinking parties over Zoom have become more popular - why not add the element of a murder mystery to your Zoom party?

Are Zoom Murder Mysteries rated PG-13 or higher? Are they appropriate for kids?

Right now, we have one theme for the Zoom Murder Mystery parties, and it’s appropriate for kids around 10 to 11 or older, primarily based on reading comprehension and not the content of the story. The ideal age is one where the child can play without a parent’s assistance or intervention. Our mysteries are difficult to solve and hard to play through - they’re a challenge for adults as well. 

If a kid is in the room or around when the party is being held on Zoom, that is fine - there is no swearing or inappropriate behavior, sex, drugs, etc built into our mysteries. We like to say we’re “clean for teens.” 

This “rating” is not static however - we can play up to Rated-R if that’s what your group wants. Our actors will match the level of you and your guests, but never go past that.

How long do murder mystery parties take?

Our murder mystery parties generally last around two hours. Due to the possibility of issues with Zoom or other technology issues, we allow for a 15 minute window of start time to be flexible for you and your guests. We will match your pace and not try to slow you down or speed the party up. Our murder mysteries have different acts in them, similar to a play, and have a natural rhythm that you and your guests will step into as your characters. There is an intermission / restroom break scheduled into the party. Zoom allows you to pause video and audio during the call so you can take a break without exiting the party.

Do you have to dress up for a murder mystery Zoom party?

Short answer: no. You do not have have to dress up as your character or within any theme to enjoy our murder mystery parties. But the longer answer is that it does enhance the experience for everyone involved if you and the other guests roleplay and dress the part as well. We provide suggestions for outfits or costumes for each character in the game. It’s also fun as the host to cast your guests in each part according to their personalities or styles. If everyone dresses up, we also can give out a prize for the best costume of the night.

How many people can be in a murder mystery party?

Our games are designed to be played by 8 to 12 players. Our games have 8 suspect roles written into them, and past 8 players, there are new bystander roles

Can multiple guests play on the same device or screen?

In an 8-person show, everyone should have their own screen or device and Zoom session. This is because each character will have their own information or messages intended for their eyes only, which shouldn’t be shared with anyone else. Zoom does work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, so there are many ways to join the Zoom party.

In a show with more than 8 guests, some guests will be bystanders and some will be suspects. Bystanders are not suspected of being the murderer and have a different role in the mystery than the suspects. In this case, a suspect can share a screen with a bystander. Still, having separate screens is the best option available.

A Few Words From our Fans

"Our group loved the Murder Mystery Company! The detective did a great job getting all of my guests involved!"

Patty D.

Albuquerque, NM

“We had a great time! I highly recommend using the Murder Mystery Company for you next murder mystery party."

Lisa S.

Athens, Georgia

"From start to finish, the actress was engaging and fun. My friends and I laughed all night. It was a blast and I will definitely be coming back for a third time the next time we decide to host a murder.”

Sandra B.

Buffalo, NY

Adventure Awaits
With The Murder Mystery Company
(Some Tips From The Party Pros)

When invited to a Murder Mystery Company event, many people wonder what exactly they’ve gotten themselves into. Allow us to answer some common questions you might have, so you can get ready to have an unforgettable experience!

The basic formula for a murder mystery party is simple: We bring out our highly trained improv actors to set the scene for a murder that you and your guests will have the next two hours to solve.

Some of the more outgoing guests at the event will be chosen to play the parts of suspects, but EVERYONE gets to help solve the crime. Sleuths and suspects of all ages are welcome. You can even host a mystery party for kids!

Each murder mystery experience has a specific theme. The murder can take place anywhere. A 1920’s speakeasy, an 80’s rock concert, and a modern day gathering of billionaires are just a few of our options! This gives you, the guest, the chance to play dress up and immerse yourself in the world of the mystery. Costumes can be liberating and add to the experience!

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"We've never had such a magical evening that didn't involve a mouse!"
- Julian Aquiano, Walt Disney
“Absolutely brilliant! The Murder Mystery Company is what made this team building event a success.”
- Keith Wilmot, Coca-Cola
“An outstanding evening for everybody involved. It's the most fun our group has had together yet.”
- Cam Lynch, Procter & Gamble
"Unanimously this will go down as one of the best team building events we've ever had!"
- Debbie Wagner, Kelloggs
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