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Host a Murder Mystery Dinner in Long Beach

Looking for a brilliant idea for your upcoming gathering in Long Beach? How about hosting a murder mystery dinner that transforms the traditional 'dinner and a show'? Put on your detective hat, dust off your magnifying glass, and immerse yourself in a case that's sure to keep you laughing and puzzling throughout the night!

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Who needs a humdrum night when you can have an extraordinary one? The Murder Mystery Co. is your ticket to an unforgettable evening, as we transport the thrill of a murder mystery dinner party to you and your Long Beach guests!

Step into the shoes of a detective – as you enjoy your meal, an unexpected demise takes center stage. It’s your duty, along with your fellow diners, to join forces and embark on a mission to unveil the culprit. You could find yourself thrust into the spotlight as a top suspect. Throughout the night, prepare to interrogate suspects, gather vital clues, and work in harmony with your team to decipher the puzzle before the wrongdoer slips away!


At our performances, expect to be fully engaged, hopping out of your chair to barter with suspects for essential clues amidst the mealtime interludes. Our seasoned actors are the maestros behind the comedic caper, promising an evening brimming with amusement and enigma. Be assured, each guest's experience will be unique—our shows are thoughtfully tailored to forge unforgettable moments for every attendee.

Our shows are versatile and can be adapted to suit any location of your choosing. Just give us the green light, and we'll make it work! Whether you prefer the ambiance of a restaurant's outdoor patio or the coziness of your own living room, we're at your service. Our talented actors are equipped to entertain groups of all sizes, from intimate get-togethers of 8 to grand events accommodating 350+ guests.

There's no event that doesn't pair beautifully with a Long Beach murder mystery party! Whether you're organizing a special birthday bash, a lively holiday rendezvous, or even a corporate team-building event, we've got you covered. Dive into two hours of interactive entertainment that encourages everyone to collaborate toward a common goal. Allow your guests to create memories that will be cherished for years.


Planning a murder mystery dinner in Long Beach has never been simpler, thanks to our party planning experts. We only require a few essential details, such as your desired guest count and event date, to kickstart the process of crafting your customized party package.

Team up with California's Experts in Mystery Entertainment for your upcoming event near Long Beach. We’re ready to put together your killer event today!

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As the nation’s largest theater company, we make it convenient to play dinner detective in Long Beach. Contact us today and we’ll help you plan your very own murder mystery dinner.

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