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Murder Mystery Meets Mid-Century: Your 1950s Outfit Guide

July 01, 2023

Journey Back to the Fabulous ’50s

If you’ve been invited to a 1950s-themed murder mystery party, you’re in for a night of intrigue, nostalgia, and style. The ’50s were a time of cultural vibrancy, marked by iconic fashion trends that still influence today’s styles. So, when the question arises, “What to wear to a 1950s murder mystery?”—consider it an opportunity to dive into the fabulous world of vintage fashion.

A woman dressed in 1950s-era clothing answers an antique phone

Ladies’ Outfits: Channeling Elegance and Grace

When planning a ’50s-inspired outfit, one cannot overlook the quintessential swing dresses or pencil skirts that were the staple for women during this time. Dresses with cinched waists, full skirts, and polka dots or bold, block colors encapsulate the era’s feminine charm. Pair these with a string of pearls, kitten heels, and red lipstick for that classic ’50s allure. If you’re playing a femme fatale character, opt for the sultrier look of a fitted pencil dress and high heels, topped with a chic fur stole for that dash of Hollywood glam.

Men’s Outfits: Embodying the Cool and Classic

For men, ’50s fashion varied from the laid-back cool of rolled-up jeans and white tees à la James Dean to the dapper suits worn by the Rat Pack. A combination of suspenders, trousers, and a trilby hat can effortlessly project the casual elegance of the ’50s. For a sharper look, a well-tailored suit paired with a skinny tie and black polished shoes can take you straight out of a classic noir film. Don’t forget to slick back that hair for a polished finish!

Themed Accessories: The Devil’s in the Details

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s enhance the look with some ’50s flair. Ladies could add small gloves, a matching clutch, and cat-eye glasses for that additional vintage charm. For the gents, a fedora or a casual flat cap, along with a vintage watch, can complement the retro look.

The Element of Mystery: Keeping It Suspenseful

Remember, it’s not just a ’50s party—it’s a ’50s murder mystery party. Add a mysterious element to your outfit. Perhaps a mysterious brooch, a cryptic tie-pin, or even a faux blood-stained handkerchief can become an intriguing conversation starter.

A man dressed in 1950s-era clothing sits in front of a typewriter

Ultimately, a 1950s murder mystery party is all about fun, nostalgia, and, of course, a bit of mystery. So, go all out! Embrace the past, get into character, and most importantly, enjoy the process of dressing up. Remember, the perfect outfit isn’t just about the clothes—it’s about immersing yourself in a bygone era and the fascinating story that’s about to unfold.

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