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Your Guide to Enjoying a Night at Our Mystery Dinner Theater

April 26, 2024

Thinking about spending an evening at one of our acclaimed murder mystery dinner theater locations? You’re in for a treat! At The Murder Mystery Company, we pride ourselves on offering an unforgettable blend of intrigue and dining across major cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and many more. We understand you might have some questions before you book your tickets, so we’re here to give you all the details to make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Can I Be Seated with My Friends?

Absolutely! We understand that a murder mystery dinner is more enjoyable with friends and loved ones. When you arrive, just let our hostess know the names of your party, and we’ll ensure you’re seated together. It’s a great way to share the fun (and the sleuthing) with your favorite people!

Where Do I Park?

Each of our venues is unique, which adds to the charm of your mystery dinner experience. We recommend checking out the venue’s details on their website or conducting a quick online search for parking options available near the location. Most venues have nearby parking lots or garages, and some even offer valet service.

What Should I Wear?

There’s no strict dress code, but why not get into the spirit of the evening? Many guests enjoy dressing up to match the theme of the mystery. Whether it’s 1920s glamour for our “Death of a Gangster” night or something chic and understated, dressing up can enhance your experience. Of course, comfort is key so you can enjoy the night to the fullest, but we do recommend you try to dress business casual if possible.

What Can I Expect During the Show?

Expect an evening filled with suspense, laughter, and delicious food. Our professional actors will guide you through a compelling story where you’re not just an observer but a part of the narrative. You’ll get to interact with the characters, clue into secrets, and try to solve the mystery, all while enjoyed a three course meal. It’s interactive, it’s engaging, and it’s a fantastic way to spice up your dinner plans!

Are the Shows Suitable for All Ages?

Our dinner theater shows are generally tailored for adults. They are perfect for date nights, evenings out with friends, or even corporate events. The plots and themes are designed to keep adults engaged and entertained throughout the meal. Kids are welcome, but our shows do include dirty jokes and sexual innuendos (oh yeah, and a murder!) so please be advised that it might not be appropriate for all ages.

Planning Your Private Event

Thinking about hosting a private murder mystery dinner? We do that too! The Murder Mystery Company specializes in bringing the thrill of a murder mystery to your private parties. Whether it’s in your home or a rented venue, we manage all the details, so you can enjoy the event with your guests. It’s perfect for birthdays, corporate events, or any occasion that could use a touch of mystery and a lot of fun.

Ready to Book Your Experience?

If you’re ready to dive into a night of mystery and fine dining, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact The Murder Mystery Company today by calling 888-643-2583 or filling out one of our contact forms on our website. Whether you’re joining one of our public shows or planning a private event, we’re here to ensure it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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