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AIT Profile – Cayla Marie Wolpers

May 01, 2024

American Immersion Theater’s Director of the Month for April was Cayla Marie Wolpers: the Minneapolis Director and the Royal Coach for The Princess Party Company. She fills an extremely valuable role here at AIT, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her as the first focal point of our AIT Profile Series!

Courtesy of Cayla Marie Wolpers


Cayla was born and raised in Hastings, Minnesota which is a small town on the Mississippi River, about a stone’s throw away from the Twin Cities. She began acting at the very young age of eight, and with that dreamed of making a difference in people’s lives through theater. She attended college at Drake University where she studied Musical Theater and graduated Cum Laude with Departmental Honors. Cayla has worked with many theater companies including Open Window Theater, Pioneer Place Theater, and more. She began working with American Immersion Theater in 2014 as an actor, became the Minneapolis director in early 2022, and took on the Royal Coach position in February of 2024. Her resume is extensive and diverse including vocal training, various types of dance, palm reading, and even has training in unarmed stage combat. Cayla is a true jack of all trades, a renaissance woman, and a role model for each and every princess American Immersion Theater employs. She now lives in Crystal, Minnesota with her husband, Andy, and their two cats, Tommy (14) and Rosie (4).

Cayla and Andy’s KILLER wedding with special guests Belle and Batman.
Courtesy of Cayla Marie Wolpers

Personal life

“I love being able to inspire people,” Cayla says, “giving actors and guests opportunities to play a role they never thought they’d have is the best part of this job!” Inspire people, yes. She has taken an active role in her life, and has made her footprint here at AIT just as AIT has had an impact on her. She takes pride in working with the actors in her troupe and holds her princesses close to her heart. The love she has for her team is paramount to being a leader here at AIT, and she is a fantastic example of hard work leading to success. In 2018, Cayla’s husband (then boyfriend) joined the troupe, and when 2020 happened, the troupe was given a video making challenge. The couple was making their video when he proposed! They have been married for two and a half years and recently started a vegetable garden at their first home they purchased together. It’s a fairytale-type story– but we don’t expect anything less from our Royal Coach.

Courtesy of Cayla Marie Wolpers

Where to find her

If Cayla isn’t on stage, training princesses, or directing her troupe, you might find her listening to jazz, singing karaoke, at a concert, or taking vocal lessons. All of her social media is linked below! Check her out. She’s so cool, we’re sure we missed something.

Instagram @caylamarieactress

Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/caylamarieactress/ 


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