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Halloween Party Ideas from The Murder Mystery Co.

October 24, 2016

Greetings, Detectives!

Whether you like things cute and kooky or creepy and spooky, there is definitely something for everyone when it comes to celebrating on the evening of October 31st. If you can’t get people together, we suggest a Zoom Halloween party! As you probably guessed, we’re party people here at The Murder Mystery Company HQ, and we’ve compiled a list of the top five Halloween party ideas just for you!

5. Haunted House

Adults and children alike can get in on the action at a haunted house. Whether you want to turn your entire home into something the Addams family would be comfortable in, or you just want to make a room or two cold and creepy, a haunted house promises to be a chilling Halloween activity. Station costumed friends or family around to really get into character and scare your guests, put out tactile items to challenge your guests’ senses, or make your house into a dark and winding maze full of ghouls and goblins to trick your guests into making wrong turns. Sinister lighting and haunting music goes a long way to enhance the vibe.

4. Graveyard Maze

A graveyard maze is the perfect activity to make your guests feel like they’re in a horror movie. Your backyard can transform into a graveyard with a little help from DIY, party supply props, fog machines, black lights and flashlights, and creepy music and sound effects. Much like in a haunted house, adding in some costumed friends or actors will be just the thing to up the stakes and scare your guests half to death. If kids will be taking part in your Halloween party, allow them to work through the maze first, without some of the scarier special effects. To make it even more fun for the little ones, hide candy throughout the maze to encourage them to find their way to the end!

3. Fall Festival

Halloween parties don’t always have to be creepy. For a more formal event or just something more family friendly, a fall festival is a Halloween party idea that will deliver all of the fun of the season with none of the screams. Hayrides, apple cider, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, and costume contests will ensure all of your guests have a memorable evening. Decor is key when it comes to themed events, and luckily, this one is easy! Decorating with pumpkins, gourds, apples, fall leaves, hay bales, scarecrows, and candles will give you an authentic and cozy atmosphere your guests will love!

2. Movie Madness

Everyone has a favorite movie they like to watch around Halloween. Whether it’s Friday the 13th, The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, or any of the million zombie movies in existence, your favorite movie offers a ton of material for your Halloween party. You can pick one specific movie and use it as the inspiration for your food, decor, and activities, or pick a genre—like slasher movies or monster movies—to pull from. Asking your guests to use characters from your chosen movies as their costume inspiration will make for some killer photo opportunities and some amazing memories.

1. Murder Mystery Party

What kind of murder mystery company would we be if we didn’t suggest what is certainly the greatest Halloween party idea ever: a murder mystery party! Our signature Clue-style themes are perfect for the scariest time of the year, and each one offers a unique world for you and your guests to inhabit for the evening. A masked masquerade, a 1920s speakeasy scene, or a mischievous magic show can become the setting for your guests to party all night as suspects and sleuths trying to figure out who killed the victim and why. It’s a murderously thrilling way to spend your Halloween, and all you have to do to make it happen is give us a call at 888-643-2583.

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