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The Murder Mystery Company is about to take your Halloween party where it’s never gone! Our Zoom Halloween murder mystery games bring the fun to you and your loved ones no matter where you are. Take part in our Clue-like murder mystery party that turns your guests into shady characters and lets you all work to crack the case.

Each of our murder mystery shows is hosted by a professional actor who will guide you through the case. Along the way you’ll experience the suspense and laughs that you’ve come to expect from a great Halloween party. Who needs ghost stories when you can take part in a live murder mystery?

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The Murder Mystery Company has over 15 years of experience giving parties the touch of mystery they’ve been missing. Partner with us to turn an average get-together into an affordable and unforgettable experience everyone can be a part of!

We pride ourselves on date flexibility, a policy you won’t find through many other companies. Whether you’d like to host this at your home or a venue, we come to you to make virtual mystery magic.

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- Professional Actor will Host your Party

- We handle everything so YOU get to Play

- Play Detective in a Murder Mystery Starring Your Guests

Benefits of Hosting a
Virtual Halloween
Murder Mystery Party

You Pick the Time
We Commit the Crime
Stress - Free Fun
A Reason To Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you run a virtual Halloween murder mystery party?

Reserve a time for your party. Our parties are in high demand this year so there’s no time to waste in reserving your spot. If you can’t find the time you want please check back as new times may become available.

After you have reserved your party you will receive two follow up emails. One will contain the suspect list and the other an invitation. Please note, this first email does not include spoilers as to who is guilty. You can select the other seven people you’d like to cast as suspects and email them the invitation with a link to the suspect they will be portraying during the event.

Each of your guests will receive their invitations and access their character’s website. Each of your invited guests will check out their individual suspects’ websites. There they’ll find inspirations, clues, and costume tips to get into their roles.

Show up at your reserved time and have fun! Once you’re logged in your on-screen Detective will handle everything for the game so you can enjoy this special time with your friends as you try to find out which one of you is the killer!

How many people can join a Zoom Halloween murder mystery party?

You can have up to eight participants take part in our Halloween virtual party games. Prior to the event taking place you can have everyone learn more about using Zoom by checking out these instructional videos.

What about a virtual murder mystery dinner party for Halloween?

We don’t recommend trying to stomach a complete dinner along with solving a murder. It can be really difficult to participate in a Zoom murder mystery while trying to eat a meal, so instead we suggest a BYOB or wine & murder event, if you and your guests choose to drink. Nowadays, drinking parties over Zoom have become more popular - why not add the element of a murder mystery to your Zoom Halloween party?

Should guests dress up for a Zoom Halloween party?

Absolutely! Showing off a fabulous costume is part of what makes Halloween fun, and getting into character by dressing up will make the party more fun for everyone.

Are virtual Halloween murder mystery games kid friendly?

Our events don’t include any inappropriate behavior, sex, drugs, etc We like to say we’re “clean for teens.” So if your kids are too old for trick or treating, this might be just the thing. However, we don’t recommend our Zoom murder mysteries for kids under the age of ten or eleven. These events work best when every participant can play without the assistance of a parent. It takes some serious sleuthing skills to be able to solve these mysteries, even for adults.

This “rating” is not static however - we can play up to Rated-R if that’s what your group wants. Our actors will match the level of you and your guests, but never go past that.

A Few Words From our Fans

"Our group loved the Murder Mystery Company! The detective did a great job getting all of my guests involved!"

Patty D.

Albuquerque, NM

“We had a great time! I highly recommend using the Murder Mystery Company for you next murder mystery party."

Lisa S.

Athens, Georgia

"From start to finish, the actress was engaging and fun. My friends and I laughed all night. It was a blast and I will definitely be coming back for a third time the next time we decide to host a murder.”

Sandra B.

Buffalo, NY

Adventure Awaits
With The Murder Mystery Company
(Some Tips From The Party Pros)

When invited to a Murder Mystery Company event, many people wonder what exactly they’ve gotten themselves into. Allow us to answer some common questions you might have, so you can get ready to have an unforgettable experience!

The basic formula for a murder mystery party is simple: We bring out our highly trained improv actors to set the scene for a murder that you and your guests will have the next two hours to solve.

Some of the more outgoing guests at the event will be chosen to play the parts of suspects, but EVERYONE gets to help solve the crime. Sleuths and suspects of all ages are welcome. You can even host a mystery party for kids!

Each murder mystery experience has a specific theme. The murder can take place anywhere. A 1920’s speakeasy, an 80’s rock concert, and a modern day gathering of billionaires are just a few of our options! This gives you, the guest, the chance to play dress up and immerse yourself in the world of the mystery. Costumes can be liberating and add to the experience!

Plan My Party!
Experience + Expertise = Seriously Fun Results
"We've never had such a magical evening that didn't involve a mouse!"
- Julian Aquiano, Walt Disney
“Absolutely brilliant! The Murder Mystery Company is what made this team building event a success.”
- Keith Wilmot, Coca-Cola
“An outstanding evening for everybody involved. It's the most fun our group has had together yet.”
- Cam Lynch, Procter & Gamble
"Unanimously this will go down as one of the best team building events we've ever had!"
- Debbie Wagner, Kelloggs
Have questions? Call our murder mystery experts at (888) 643-2583

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