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13 Crowd Pleasing Virtual Party Game Ideas

September 01, 2020

Virtual Party Game Ideas

The rapid rise of the virtual party has led to the increased need for virtual entertainment. A game night is a great way to spend time and bond with family and friends, but if you haven’t tried a virtual game night just yet, you’re probably looking for ideas to get started. Fortunately, we’ve assembled a long list of ideas to get you started. 

Murder and mystery

If you want to take a hands-off approach to game night, you can hire professionals to run a murder mystery party for you. The Murder Mystery Company gives you and your guests a theme and roles to play and an actor playing a detective who orchestrates the entire evening for you and your guests. These virtual murder mystery parties are great for a get together with family and friends, a birthday party, remote team building events, and it even makes a great virtual Christmas party idea!

For the adults

Cards Against Humanity is a global sensation, and if you’ve got an adult party it’s every bit as fun during a virtual party. While the makers of that game have taken down their online version there are spinoffs that are worth checking out like:

  • All Bad Cards. A straight up CAH knock off, which might be just what you’re looking for.

Pretend You’re Xyzzy. A customizable version of CAH that allows from 3 to 20 players. The aesthetics aren’t great, but it’s every bit as fun as the original.

Virtual poker nights are also a fun way to play poker remotely. Send out a party invite to your friends to have them join in on a Zoom meeting and have them download the Pokerrrr 2 app where you can create a private game. Play poker on your phone while you shoot the breeze over Zoom. You can even keep an eye on your opponents’ mannerisms to see if they’re bluffing. Want to play for money? Keep track of the winners and pay up via PayPal or Venmo once the game’s complete. All the fun of poker with your friends without the travel time!

For everyone

If you’ve got kids or want to keep things a little more tame, there are also a lot of options for PG-13 and below virtual games.

Classic board games are always a winner for family friendly fun and they make excellent virtual reality party ideas as well. 

  • Scattergories. This classic game rewards a big vocabulary and quick thinking.
  • Heads up. This popular game works just as well virtually as it does in person. A player holds up the answer on their forehead facing your friends who provide clues until you can guess the right answer. 
  • Trivia. There are an almost endless amount of online trivia sites that you can play with a group over Zoom. Find a site with sports, music, or even Harry Potter trivia questions.
  • Virtual card games. Whether your game is hearts or euchre, you can play just about any type of online card game with friends at http://playingcards.io/.

Another classic game that translates well to a virtual party is bingo. Everyone from little kids to grandma loves bingo, and it’s a great virtual party idea. Get your group together on Zoom or another video chat tool that allows you to share a screen while one person runs the draw on https://letsplaybingo.io/

If you want some simple options, you can always rely on classic word games as well – no boards and no websites necessary. You can always break out some old classics that work beautifully to create some fun interaction and conversations such as:

  • Truth or dare
  • Simon says
  • Charades
  • Would you rather

One for the kids

Princess parties have become extremely popular for kids the past few years with the massive popularity of films like Frozen, Moana, Tangled, and Brave. But why just go with a princess theme when you can have an appearance from a real princess? You can schedule a virtual princess party for your little one to cap off their princess themed party, with a princess that will play fun games with your child and lead them through a magical story time! 

So, when it’s time for your next get together when you can’t technically get together, try out some of these virtual party ideas to keep the conversation going as you spend quality time with your family and friends.

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