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Dress to Impress at Your Murder Mystery Team Building Event

February 26, 2024

Every once in a while, we get a question posed that we feel would be beneficial to share! Below is one of those questions. Have a question for us you want answered? Fill out the contact form on this page and we’ll get back to you with an answer!

Dear Murder Mystery Company,

I’ve got a murder mystery party coming up as a team-building event at work. I want to look professional, yet fun and on theme. Our company is considering a Masquerade or 1920s theme. Any tips on how to strike the right balance?

Sincerely, Mystified in the Office

The Perfect Blend of Professional and Playful

Dear Mystified in the Office,

Your dilemma is quite common, but fear not—you answered your own question! The answer is to dress professional, yet stay on theme! Whether it’s a masquerade or a roaring 20s theme, there are plenty of ways to sprinkle in some excitement to the outfits you already own and wear to work each day while maintaining workplace appropriateness. You don’t have to dress in a costume to have fun and stay on theme!

Masquerade Magic

For a masquerade-themed murder mystery, think elegant with a touch of intrigue. Men can opt for a sharp suit paired with a mysterious masquerade mask. This look is both professional and perfectly in tune with the theme. Women might consider a sophisticated dress or a stylish pantsuit, complemented by a glamorous mask. These choices keep the attire work-appropriate while adding an element of mystique.

Flapper Flair for the 1920s

The 1920s theme is all about glitz and glamour. Men can go for a classic pinstripe suit, perhaps with a fedora to add that Gatsby-esque touch. If women aren’t comfortable wearing a flapper dress at a workplace event, try a pair of trousers with a blouse and accessorize with strings of pearls and a feathered headband. Feeling like you want to dress more masculine? Women can be mobsters, too! Wear a three-piece suit and fedora. Remember, it’s all about embodying the spirit of the era, not replicating it exactly.

Accessorize with Caution

Accessories are your secret weapon. They can elevate your look without going overboard. For the masquerade theme, consider cufflinks or a decorative hairpin. For the 1920s, a pocket watch or a beaded clutch can add just the right amount of flair. Remember, less is more. You want to stay professional, not costume-like.

Why Choose The Murder Mystery Company?

Now, let’s talk about the bigger picture. Organizing a team building murder mystery is no small feat, especially if you’re aiming for a memorable and cohesive experience. That’s where The Murder Mystery Company comes in. We specialize in creating immersive, interactive murder mystery parties that are perfect for team building. Our professional actors handle the entertainment, leaving you free to enjoy the event. We ensure the themes are not only engaging but also suitable for a work environment.

Your Next Step

Ready to make your team-building event a hit? Contact The Murder Mystery Company at 888-643-2583 or fill out one of our contact forms. We’ll help you plan a unique and exciting murder mystery party that strikes the perfect balance between professional and fun. Get ready to experience team building like never before!

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