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Unlucky Charms: A St. Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery Like No Other

February 16, 2024

Ever thought of mixing a bit of intrigue with your St. Patrick’s Day festivities? Imagine combining the lively spirit of St. Paddy’s with the thrilling excitement of a murder mystery party. It’s not just about donning green attire anymore; it’s about stepping into a story that unfolds right before your eyes, where you and your guests are both the audience and the participants.

“Unlucky Charms”: A Custom Theme written specifically for St. Patty’s Day

Bring your potatoes and whiskey—it’s time to throw a St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Actually, it isn’t quite the celebration…. Unfortunately, it’s more of a funeral. In our new custom theme, “Unlucky Charms”, Ol’ Tobias O’Tool of Toby’s Tubers kicked the bucket, eternal rest be upon him. Appears he left us a will to read at his wake, and it paints nearly everyone close with him in a horrid light. Could it be that his death wasn’t an accident after all? 

You made a theme about potatoes?

Yes! We here at the Murder Mystery Company LOVE potatoes! Murder, too! March is a wonderful time of year to stretch your legs and your liver after the long, cold, suffering winter months. And, now you have an excuse to do so by throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party to DIE for! By the way, the theme isn’t just about potatoes… it’s also about ownership over a family business, love, and best of all, the spirit of the Irish: whiskey. 

What’s so special about St. Patrick’s Day?

GASP! How dare you talk poorly of the patron Saint of Ireland, you manky eejit! The story of the Irish is long and sorrowful, and St. Patrick himself wasn’t handed anything on a sliver platter either. He was a slave in the olden days who escaped the Isle for salvation and returned years later to the land to save it’s people from slavery and teach them all about Christianity. Today, we celebrate his death date, March 17th, and the holiday has less to do with religion and more to do with enjoying our freedom.

The colors green and orange we wear on the day represent the Catholics (green) and the Protestants (orange) of the Emerald Isle. But! Be warned: if you are an Irish Catholic, you better not be caught wearing orange on March 17th. Same goes for green if you’re protestant! Just kidding- that only matters if you’re in Ireland. In the States, we just wear green to celebrate the life and luck of the Irish. And we love to have an excuse to throw a party– even if we don’t celebrate it all that correctly. 

How do I start planning my St. Patrick’s Day party?

Well, you can start by giving us a call to chat about all your party options, and ask us about “Unlucky Charms”. Keep in mind that we are already selling out of shows for weekends in March and we are first-come-first serve when it comes to booking, so reach out before we are completely sold out! Unlucky Charms is an adult show and is rated R for sexual content, inuendoes, and some curse words. It’s perfect for events at home, in your favorite venue or restaurant, or even in a cozy lil’ pub. Wherever it is, we’ll see you there– if you make it that far…. Call us at 888-643-2583 or fill out a contact form on this page. Let’s make your St. Patrick’s Day celebration a thrilling adventure with ‘Unlucky Charms’!

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