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Editable Canva Invites for your Next Murder Mystery Party

October 06, 2023

Planning the ultimate murder mystery shindig? Setting the scene starts with the perfect invitation, and oh, do we have a treat for you! Dive into our free Canva templates, tailor-made to match our eight riveting murder mystery themes.

Traditional Vs. Modern: What’s Your Style?

Choices, choices! Our traditional invites bring that classic feel with primarily black and white designs, accented with intriguing pops of color. However, if you’re feeling a bit more avant-garde, our modern range offers eye-catching gradient colors, sure to intrigue every recipient.

Midnight at the Masquerade

Dive into a mysterious realm where luxurious silks, feathers, and concealed identities lead to an unexpected tragedy at an elite masquerade ball.

Death of a Gangster

Step into the notorious Dunn Speakeasy, where a mob wedding intertwines with power struggles and ominous motives.

Best Laid Plans

Engage in an evening of high-class mystery and suspense at the estate of Sir Warren Peace—a soiree where every guest is both detective and suspect.

I Love the 80’s to Death

Dive into the neon-lit 80s concert scene, where big names, backstage secrets, and unexpected tragedies collide, urging you to solve a crime to the beat of iconic tunes.

A Dance With Death

Journey back to the 1950s prom, where the rhythm of rock-n-roll conceals a sinister plot beneath its dance floor.

Til Death Do Us Part

Amid the romance and joy of wedding bells, a dark shadow casts a pall, turning marital bliss into a mystery most foul.

Now You See It; Now You Don’t

Delve into a world of art and intrigue where the prized “Stomach of the Ocean Diamond” vanishes, leaving a room full of potential culprits.

The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year

Even the festive season isn’t safe from mischief. At a holiday standup performance, a dark twist turns laughter into a quest for the truth.

Good Riddance

Step into the ’90s, where neon lights, slap bracelets, and a mall grand opening conceal a perplexing murder mystery amid nostalgic pop culture references, challenging you to solve the crime of the decade!

Crime & Punishment

Step into the shady world of Mafia Don Lou Zar’s juice joint, where secrets run deeper than the night, and it’s up to you to unravel the mystery before the killer vanishes

How Does It Work?

These aren’t just any templates; they’re specially curated to perfectly match each theme, immersing your guests from the moment they open their invite. They’re free to use and editable to the hilt. Personalize them for your event, adding date, time, location, and any other details you wish.

Why The Murder Mystery Company?

Sure, you could craft a murder mystery from scratch, drawing diagrams, creating characters, and maybe even getting a little tangled in your plot threads. But why? We’ve been perfecting the art of the murder mystery for years, and we’re here to bring professional-grade intrigue straight to your door. Hiring us means you get to enjoy the party as much as your guests, without the headache of planning every intricate detail.

Let’s be real. Creating a mystery isn’t just about plotting a murder; it’s about creating an experience. And with our expertly crafted themes and editable invitations, half your work is already done. All you need is to send out those invites, put on your detective hat, and prepare for an unforgettable evening.

Ready to get started? Don’t wait! Contact The Murder Mystery Company and ensure your next party is the talk of the town! Give us a call at 888-643-2583 or fill out the contact form on this page to get in contact with one of our event planners.

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