Five TV Shows All Murder Mystery Fans Should Watch

Greetings, Detectives!

Murder mystery fans are a pretty smart bunch. We like our television shows to be full of twists and turns and have intelligent storylines that keep us guessing. There are dozens of fantastic mystery and crime shows out there that fit the bill. Here are some of our favorites for you to binge while you wait for your next opportunity to solve a mystery with The Murder Mystery Company!

Twin Peaks (1990-1991; 2017-)

This recently-revived drama is perhaps the most mind-bending show on television. In its first iteration, the focus of the show is unraveling the mystery of who killed homecoming queen Laura Palmer. The series follows FBI agent Dale Cooper who arrives in Twin Peaks, Washington to investigate. As the show unfolds over three seasons, we learn about the extremely strange town and its residents, and that there is more to it all than meets the eye.

The Killing (2011-2014)

Detective Sarah Linden is on her way out on the last day of her job at the Seattle police department when a missing persons case lands in her lap. Rosie Larson has vanished. Linden can’t get the case out of her head and postpones her move in order to solve the mystery. This dark and gritty drama has a completely heart wrenching first episode that will keep you hooked for the entire series.

Slasher (2016)

Slasher follows a young woman who moves back to her hometown where her parents were brutally murdered while she was still in the womb. When a series of copycat murders begin, Sarah and her husband Ben find a renewed need to figure out why her parents were targeted and by whom. The murder mystery unravels with lots of gore in this (as its title suggests) slasher-style horror series.

Veronica Mars (2004-2007)

High school student Veronica Mars helps out with her dad’s private investigation business, so she sees a lot of villain-of-the-week-style mysteries. On top of these mini-mysteries, each season has its own extended mystery to investigate that slowly unfolds until the finales. The first season focuses on the murder of her best friend and fuels her desire to become an investigator. Veronica’s snarky wit enhances the charm of this brilliant show full of exciting twists.

Life (2007-2009)

Life takes a refreshing twist on the typical detective drama by putting an ex-con at the forefront. Charlie Crews spent twelve years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit and was exonerated and given enough money to never need to work again. However, as a detective in his former life, Crews decides to get back in the grind and solve crimes for the LAPD. His new zen outlook on life affects the way he investigates and makes for an interesting detective persona.

The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes

Greetings, Detectives!

One of our favorite sleuths is the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Though born in literary form, Holmes has found himself reincarnated on television and movie screens more times than Arthur Conan Doyle probably ever expected. Take a look below as we explore some of the more memorable portrayals of the famous detective.

Basil Rathbone – Various Sherlock Holmes Appearances (1939-1986)

Basil Rathbone is the real deal when it comes to Sherlock Holmes. His Holmes is the one of the most prolific of the bunch, appearing in a total of 18 productions as the iconic detective, including films, stage plays, television shows, and radio programs. Future actors, including Jeremy Brett, would look to Rathbone’s work as Holmes and emulate his character, meaning Basil Rathbone was perhaps the most influential Sherlock Holmes to date.

Jeremy Brett – Four Sherlock Holmes TV Series (1984-1994)

There is something to be said for totally immersing yourself into a role. Jeremy Brett certainly made the role of Sherlock Holmes his own in four television series. Unfortunately, due to his own physical and mental health issues, Brett’s portrayal became more and more erratic and even maniacal, both true to the character of Sherlock Holmes and greatly detrimental to his own well-being. The result, through tragic, is an extremely authentic Holmes performance that has prevailed over the span of decades.

Robert Downey Jr. – Sherlock Holmes (2009) & Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

RDJ and Jude Law took to the big screen to step into the roles of the iconic duo, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The two played up the comedy in their characters, perhaps as a way to garner the attention of a new generation of fans. While still incredibly clever and quick-thinking, Downey Jr.’s Holmes added a slick charm into the mix. With witty one-liners and a yet unseen enthusiasm, this version of the detective is iconic.

Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock (2010-present)

Benedict Cumberbatch, along with this British miniseries, is popular—like really, really popular. Perhaps one of the most well-known versions of Holmes, this one has an addictive personality, cleverness beyond belief, and a complete lack of self-awareness when it comes to being a social human being. Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is modern, conflicted, and completely enthralling. Add in his dry, snarky sense of humor, and we’re sold!

Ian McKellan – Mr. Holmes (2015)

Sir Ian McKellan brilliantly portrayed a version of Sherlock Holmes not often seen: an older, past-his-prime, retired detective. In this British-American crime drama mystery, which is based on a 2005 novel by Mitch Cullin, Holmes struggles to recall the details of his last case due to his fading memory. This portrayal cut through the facade and truly revealed the man beneath the deerstalker cap and his at times jarring personality.

Top Three Classic Murder Mysteries to See Before You Die

Greetings Detectives! You know we love a thrilling mystery here at The Murder Mystery Company, and today we want to share with you our top three picks for some classic murder mystery movies that will get you in the mystery solving mood.

3) Murder on the Orient Express


This tragic murder mystery takes place on a train full of motive, intrigue, and murder. After a well loved little girl is viciously killed and the criminal is let loose, a group of grief filled, rage stricken family and friends decide to take justice into their own hands. Little do they know that they’re on the line for murder when a detective crashes the party! This is a classic whodunit thriller you simply must add to your list.

2) Rear Window


This classic Hitchcock film takes mystery solving in a new and slightly unorthodox direction, making voyeurism the main tool in gathering clues, and solving what is undoubtedly one of the most lowdown and dastardly murders in cinematic history. An injured man housebound in a wheelchair witnesses a murder. By sleuthing through his window with a camera and binoculars, he tries to gather enough evidence to force the man to confess. There are several moments in the film that definitely give you a gut wrenching thrill.

1) Clue


What kind of Murder Mystery Company would we be if we didn’t put Clue as our number one pick!? This movie has it all, the glamour, the adrenaline-rush inspiring plot twists, a dark creepy mansion, and all the suspicious characters you could ask for. This game inspired film even has three different endings!

It’s all well and fun to watch these killer classic films and shout your guesses at the tv screen while you watch, but if you want to solve a real live mystery, come join The Murder Mystery Company at a crime scene near you for all the food, fun, and murder you can ask for!