The Bimini Road Mystery

The Murder Mystery Company loves a good mystery, and the very strange case of the Bimini Road is one that has captured the attention and imagination of geologists, archaeologists, anthropologists, marine engineers, and innumerable divers across the globe. This underwater ruin, located in the off the northwest coast of North Bimini island in the Bahamas, is the fabled path to Plato’s infamous Atlantis, the lost city sunk under the waves as punishment for the greed and arrogance of its people.

Some people believe the Bimini Road was the connecting path from Bimini Island to the outer islands of Atlantis, while others believe it is actually a wall or water dock. Still others believe that it is a natural beach rock formation created by sediment and water erosion, an example of tessellated pavement, a natural phenomenon.

Many archeological teams have evaluated the Bimini Road as a prospective link to the lost city of Atlantis, and have dismissed it due to lack of evidence. However, there is more than a science side to this mythological mystery. Famed American Mystic Edgar Cayce made a prediction in 1938 concerning : “A portion of the temples may yet be discovered under the slime of ages and sea water near Bimini… Expect it in ‘68 or ‘69 – not so far away.”

Cayce made many predictions through his life that were unerringly accurate, and the discovery of Bimini Road in 1968 is certainly on his list of spot on predictions. However, he made many other claims about Atlantis, including his belief that Atlantis and it’s citizens were aliens, that were debunked after his death. This has lead skeptics with a less than favorable opinion of his actual ability, and discredits his correct prediction about the discovery of the Bimini Road altogether.

With so many differing points of view and a myriad of conflicting evidence surrounding this intriguing underwater mystery, it’s hard to say which is right and which is wrong. Will we ever know if Plato’s words were a work of fiction or the first written record of Atlantis after being passed down orally for three generations? Is the Bimini Road truly a path to the lost city? Is it even a road?

Take a look at all the clues for yourself and see if you can’t crack the very strange case of the Bimini Road. Or, you can try your hand at solving a crime with our mystery experts at a crime scene near you with The Murder Mystery Company! Happy sleuthing!

Top Three Classic Murder Mysteries to See Before You Die

Greetings Detectives! You know we love a thrilling mystery here at The Murder Mystery Company, and today we want to share with you our top three picks for some classic murder mystery movies that will get you in the mystery solving mood.

3) Murder on the Orient Express


This tragic murder mystery takes place on a train full of motive, intrigue, and murder. After a well loved little girl is viciously killed and the criminal is let loose, a group of grief filled, rage stricken family and friends decide to take justice into their own hands. Little do they know that they’re on the line for murder when a detective crashes the party! This is a classic whodunit thriller you simply must add to your list.

2) Rear Window


This classic Hitchcock film takes mystery solving in a new and slightly unorthodox direction, making voyeurism the main tool in gathering clues, and solving what is undoubtedly one of the most lowdown and dastardly murders in cinematic history. An injured man housebound in a wheelchair witnesses a murder. By sleuthing through his window with a camera and binoculars, he tries to gather enough evidence to force the man to confess. There are several moments in the film that definitely give you a gut wrenching thrill.

1) Clue


What kind of Murder Mystery Company would we be if we didn’t put Clue as our number one pick!? This movie has it all, the glamour, the adrenaline-rush inspiring plot twists, a dark creepy mansion, and all the suspicious characters you could ask for. This game inspired film even has three different endings!

It’s all well and fun to watch these killer classic films and shout your guesses at the tv screen while you watch, but if you want to solve a real live mystery, come join The Murder Mystery Company at a crime scene near you for all the food, fun, and murder you can ask for!

A Murderously Mysterious Bachelorette Party

Greetings detective! Are you getting hitched? Maybe your sister or best friend? Well, congratulations to the happy couple! You know what this means, though, don’t you? Strap in, it’s time for a bachelorette party! We know that visions of drunken bar hopping revels and half naked “firemen” are running through that brain of yours, and if you cringed, you are in the right place.

Why not try something fresh and new to celebrate the last single night of your life? I’m talking about an evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder. Get all your friends together and dive into a live action game of Clue, where a murderer can lurk behind any innocent face.

The Murder Mystery Company has cornered the market on providing killer parties that keep people coming back for more! We have an exciting variety of themed murder mystery shows that are sure to create a memorable night.

Get your party dressed to the nines in your ball gowns and jewels for our Murder at the Masquerade show, and find out whodunit at the Annual Billionaire’s Masquerade Ball!

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, shimmy into a flapper dress and kitten heels and immerse yourself in the seedy underbelly of the roarin’ 20’s. Solve a mafia murder gone wrong while living it up in a speakeasy.

You can also try out our wedding themed show, and figure out who offed a member of the wedding party in time for the happy couple to say “I do!” This is the perfect excuse to give your bridesmaids dresses a test run!

We have many more themes to choose from, and each one can be customized to your party to make it just perfect. You even get help planning the party! We have a team of on call Crime Scene Planners waiting to help you create an amazing party other brides-to-be will envy.

Make a memory that will never be forgotten with The Murder Mystery Company and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Click here or call (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) to start plotting a murder mystery bachelorette party to die for.

Top Ten Carnevale Masks of Venice

Greetings Detectives! One of the shows performed by The Murder Mystery Company is “Midnight at the Masquerade.” This show is a high class mystery where faces are adorned with ornate masks that come from a very colorful history. These masks originate from Venice and had many uses, though they are mostly recognized today as costume pieces for the much celebrated Carnevale.

It all began in the late 1100’s and reached over an 800 year period. Masks were used in all aspects of Venetian life. Doctors used them to keep from catching ill from patients, diplomats used them for politics and voting, and the general public used them for anonymity and of course celebration.

There evolved a set of 10 basic masks that were used for different tasks or events, and they each had different meaning. Here we lay them out for you.

1) The Colombina

This mask is one of the more popular mask seen today, at Carnevale celebrations all over the world. Covering the top half of the face and sometimes the nose, this mask was named after a character in the Commedia dell’arte. It is very detailed and colorful, and worn most often by women during celebrations and parties.

2) The Bauta

A mask worn by men at political events where anonymity was key for voting and decision making. This mask was also worn by men who sought to get lost in a crowd and not be recognised. It is a very square mask that covers the face all the way to the chin, and is either very stark, or heavily gilded. This mask is also known as the Casanova.

3) The Volto

This is a full coverage mask that guaranteed full anonymity to the wearer, and was suitable for either gender. Venetians wore this mask to parties and celebrations where they wished to be completely anonymous. The mask emulates a normal mouth and nose and has ornate designs over the eye and upper face area of the mask.

4) The Arlecchino

For all appearances, a jesters mask, one of the more outrageous masks seen at Carnevale. This mask is often adorned with a large colorful collar, bells, and a big headpiece. It’s a full coverage mask worn by more outgoing characters prone to ranting and slapstick comedy. This mask is also seen in the Commedia dell’arte.

5) The Gatto

This mask covers half the face, and looks like it sounds, like a cat. These mask are very popular at Carnevale. Cats were highly valued, and also very scarce, during the time of the plague, as they were the primary killer of disease spreading rodents, so it’s no surprise that Venetians fashioned a mask after their sassy feline saviors.

6) The Dama

Worn by the ladies of the Cinquecento, this mask was opulent, covered in jewels and extremely expensive. Ladies wore these masks with fine gowns also covered in jewels and other finery. Interestingly enough, in other cultures in western Africa, there is also a mask called the Dama, and it was worn during funeral rites, and during mourning. What an interesting opposition of uses!

7) The Moretta

This traditional Venetian mask was worn year round by women. It was also commonly worn by women visiting convents. It was typically worn with a veil, and was considered one of the more beautiful masks, accentuating the natural beauty of a woman’s face. Originally created in France, it was adopted as a common Venetian mask.

8) The Pantalone

This is another masks from the Commedia dell’arte. It features a long hooked nose, and slanted eyes, and covers the top two thirds of the face. This mask comes in all colors and designs. The character this mask depicts is an old corrupt man who has lost his virility. It is also associated with a man of extreme wit and intelligence.

9) The Medico della Peste

Also from the Commedia dell’arte, and also known as Dottore Peste, this mask has a more gruesome history. Plague doctors in Venetia would wear this long beaked mask stuffed with poultices when they visited sick patients. They believed this would keep them from becoming infected. This mask has a bit of a bad association, but is still very popular during Carnevale.

10) The Zanni

Yet another mask featured in the Commedia dell’arte, the Zanni is associated with a silly, simple minded and sometimes vulgar character. They say the longer the nose of the Zanni mask, the more of an imbecile the wearer is. This mask covers the top half of the face, and has a long thin nose that hangs downward over the mouth and chin.

These masks are one of the most entertaining parts of the Carnevale experience in Venice. Now that you know about the different kinds, you may have a ton of fun picking out the different kinds you see at our masked marvel, “Midnight at the Masquerade.” It may shine a whole new light on some of our characters! Let us know what you think of these masks and our show!

A Murderously Fun Halloween Mystery Party

Greetings Detectives! It’s that time of year again, brightly colored leaves are crunching under our feet, toothy jack-o-lanterns laugh at us from porch fronts, and the scent of pumpkin spice is wafting under our noses from positively everywhere! It’s decision time, you have to find the perfect costume, and the ultimate choice looms: to party, or to throw a party, that is the question.

If you need help answering, here’s a new idea to chew on. Spend the creepiest night of the year throwing a murder mystery costume party with the experts in mystery entertainment, and solving a mystery right at your party. We have a criminally fun crime scene theme list to choose from, so you can host a murderous masquerade and let your friends glam up in their ballroom favorites, or you can get down and dirty 1920’s style with a mafia themed party. Not into those? Check out our theme list and pick your favorite, or customize a show to your favorite Halloween theme!

Everyone is throwing a costume party for Halloween, but with us you get more than monster mash and bobbing for apples, you get a crime scene and a front row seat to a murder (comically executed) and all the shenanigans that lead to the culprit! You and your guests get to be the suspects and detectives in your own personal live action game of Clue!

Planning this killer party is an easy task, we put you in good hands with one of our charming on call Crime Scene Planners, and they will make sure everything is ready to go for the event, all you have to do is scare up some guests!

Make your Halloween frightfully fun with a murder mystery costume party this year by clicking here or calling 888-643-2583 today!

Dallas Dinner Theater Goes ‘Neon Noir’ With an ’80s Murder Mystery

The Experts in Murder Mystery Entertainment will shift from performing the show theme featuring a magical mishap, Of Sound Mind and Dead Body, to Totally 80’s, Totally Murder!

Imagine yourself submerged in a sea of neon spandex and single, sequined gloves at an 80’s rock concert, so close to the lead singer that you can feel the hair whips and wailing riffs. Suddenly, the star drops dead, and tensions flare as the seconds count down until the heat is on, or another one bites the dust! Murder turns hilariously heinous in this 1980’s-themed mystery.

Each hysterical whodunnit provides 120 minutes of interactive murder mystery experience, like a live game of Clue beyond Hasbro’s wildest dreams! In Dallas, the performance at Edison’s is paired with a three-course meal.

“Being at Murder Mystery is more than just seeing a show – it’s being IN the show! Edison’s modern vintage feel is a perfect fit for solving the crime. The venue also allows every guest to have close interaction with the characters and the suspects. Why attend a show to sit and watch when you can go to Murder Mystery to eat, drink and solve a murder?” – Norm Stoker, owner of Edison’s.

Engaging, social, and exciting shows by The Murder Mystery Company provide a one-of-a-kind experience that make for a perfect date night, a highly impressive corporate event, a lucrative fundraiser, or unforgettable private party. Acclaim follows this company throughout the nation – “If your idea of a good time involves laughing until you cry and trying to solve a crime this is THE mystery group!” – L.A. Times.

General Info
Pricing and availability can be found online or by phone at 888-643-CLUE (2583).

About The Murder Mystery Company
On the cutting edge of the interactive theater movement, The Murder Mystery Company, founded by Scott Cramton, retains the largest network of professional actors in the nation. With a record of over 7,000 shows performed for over 482,000 satisfied customers, MMC presides as the experts in murder mystery entertainment. The Murder Mystery Company was awarded the title of Best Interactive Theater in America in both 2010 and 2011 by The National Dinner Theater Critics Association. From Fortune 500 companies to Celebrity Galas, their carefully developed characters have proven time and time again the incredible positive impact they can have on any event. Contact them today for more information about their public shows or to see how they can help to take your private event to the next level.

Halloween 2015

Residents and out of towners alike will have three opportunities this Halloween to catch a murder mystery dinner show with The Murder Mystery Company with their three night string of masquerade themed shows titled “Murder at the Masquerade.” This special three night span of shows will be running from October 30th to November 1st. There are a limited amount of seats, which are first come first serve.

Tickets to the show not only include an interactive, two hour play with three acts, but audience members also get to be part of the show, interacting with the performers and other guests to find clues and solve the crime by the end of the show.

Also included in the price of the ticket is a three course meal with is served during the non interactive parts of the show. Audience members generally dress up to the theme, and have the opportunity to have their “mugshots” taken before the show to be taken home as souvenirs at the end of the night.

General Info
Tickets are $60 and can be purchased via our website or by calling our Murder Mystery Experts at (888) 643-2583 (CLUE).

About The Murder Mystery Company
Here at The Murder Mystery Company, an award-winning company with sell-out performances in major cities across the country, we don’t offer just a show; we offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Our two-hour, interactive murder mystery show wraps guests up in a thrilling whodunit experience from the moment they walk through the door! It’s like being in a live action version of the game Clue! Our guests are guaranteed to walk away with great memories and fun stories to share with everyone they know. For more information, visit our website or call (888) 643-2583 (CLUE).

Atmospheric Entertainment

New, remarkable company Atmospheric Entertainment offers the nation immersive entertainment packages to host once-in-a-lifetime events.

Finally, the remarkable trend of immersive theatre which has critics and audiences hooked in LA and New York finds identity in Michigan. Since party goers today long for a one-of-a-kind special event, Scott Cramton, CEO, asks “What makes a party perfect? The answer is people.”

Picture this: your next event suddenly is infused with superior revelry; stunning starlets draped in decadent dresses from the 1920s, possessing whip-sharp rapport and humour. Atmospheric Entertainment offers a plethora of decades to choose from that will make everyone believe they have actually traveled through time. Adept actors impress by taking your event to the next level and imparting guests with a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Anyone can host the event of the year by bringing our character actors right to their venue for an encounter filled with personal one-on-one interactions between your guests and our players!

Atmospheric Entertainment is the perfect way to spice up a corporate event, a fundraiser or charity event, or your next private party.

General Info
Pricing and availability can be found online or by phone at 855-525-ATMO.

About Atmospheric Entertainment
Atmospheric Entertainment was created by the nationally prominent entrepreneur Scott Cramton, a pioneer in the field of interactive theater. Utilizing his unmatched network of professional actors across the United States and his successful, tested training methods, we give clients a true “character” experience where they get to interact with their favorite characters. To give special guests an experience that will leave an impression for years to come, we created Atmospheric Entertainment. From Fortune 500 companies to celebrity galas, our carefully developed characters have proven time and time again just how much positive impact they can have on any event. Contact us today to see how we can help take your event to the next level.

Famous For A Day

Imagination. Curiosity. Opportunity. Creativity. These are all the ingredients that were whisked together to create an atypical and extraordinary new service called Famous for a Day. Brought into being by Scott Cramton, Famous for a Day is a paparazzi rental service that is now available in most major cities in the United States. Cramton had an already established network of professional performers at his beck and call, and an idea. Everyone wants to be famous, so why not let them be? Instead of people sitting around daydreaming about the lives of the rich and famous, why not give them the chance to experience it first hand?

So began Famous for a Day, a company that makes you famous for an hour, an afternoon, or a whole day if you desire! You can craft the specific celebrity experience you want. Want to be harangued by paparazzi as you go about your afternoon errands? Pose for photos outside the club you frequent with your friends? Maybe hold an impromptu press conference for your screaming fans? Have you daydreamed about what it would be like to sign autographs from behind the protective arm of your bodyguard? Famous for a Day lets you find out. You tell them what you want to experience, and they deliver.

Now, they won’t do any creepy stuff, like follow someone and take their pictures unknowingly, or spy on someone, none of that shady stuff. This is a fun, unique experience where everyone involved gets to feel like a star, and have a glamorous night of pampering and attention! The people who make Famous for a Day possible have a foolproof method to make sure your evening of celebrity goes exactly the way you want it. They start with a questionnaire, and even honor special requests.

Famous for a Day isn’t just a paparazzi rental service either. You can use them at your parties, inside or out. Guests will feel flattered and special showing up to your private event to a wall of flashing cameras and people shouting for autographs, and love the opportunity to get a picture to capture great moments inside the party.

Scott Cramton has always been an avid autograph collector, and in the many hours he stood in line waiting for just a few shared moments with his greatest idols, he had plenty of time to think about what it must be like on the other side of the camera, holding the pen instead of asking for the autograph, and being the object of adoration for untold masses. Now, anyone can experience that life, with the added bonus of not having paparazzi snapping shots of you through your window while you sleep!

If fame and stardom are the things you have been craving, sate your appetite for celebrity with a Famous for a day experience crafted just for you. Get the full scoop on what it takes to score your fifteen minutes of fame (or more!) at their website today.

The Murder Mystery Company’s Return to Milwaukee

“Legendary Astor Hotel now pairing with the nation’s critically-acclaimed Murder Mystery Company to present a golden age of Hollywood themed show on Oct. 23.”

“The Historic Astor Hotel welcomes The Murder Mystery Company to its beautiful and spacious 1920’s style Astor Ballroom in downtown Milwaukee. You and your friends will enjoy dinner theatre, delicious food, and a bottle of wine on each table for an evening of unique entertainment,” comments David Bowen, owner of the Astor Hotel.

The Astor banquet hall has been graced by one of American history’s most iconic figures, Amelia Earhart. In 1932, she attended an honorary service in the grand ballroom a mere five years prior to her mysterious disappearance over the Pacific Ocean. Local word of mouth vows that, to this day, the great spirits of the past infuse the atmosphere of the hotel, making this town landmark the ideal setting for murder mystery entertainment and the hotspot for Halloween.

Attending a murder mystery show offers the perfect night out, providing the opportunity to arrive fully adorned in costume, win awards, and enjoy crime and cocktails, all while immersed in a lavish atmosphere. The inaugural show will feature the theme “Best Laid Plans,” a traditional and interactive mystery experience similar to a live game of Clue. The 120 minute whodunnit is served with a savory three-course meal, handcrafted by renowned chef, Andreas Protopapas.

General Info
Tickets are $60 and can be purchased via our website or by calling our Murder Mystery Experts at (888)643-2583.

About The Murder Mystery Company
On the cutting edge of the interactive theatre movement, The Murder Mystery Company, founded by Scott Cramton, retains the largest network of professional actors in the nation. With a record of over 7,000 shows performed for over 482,000 satisfied customers, MMC presides as the experts in murder mystery entertainment. The Murder Mystery Company was awarded the title of Best Interactive Theater in America in both 2010 and 2011 by The National Dinner Theater Critics Association. From Fortune 500 companies to celebrity galas, our carefully developed characters have proven time and time again the incredible, positive impact they can have on any event. Contact us today for more information about our public shows or to see how we can help take your private event to the next level.