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Have the Mystery Party everyone will be dying to attend... without leaving the house!

Our Professional Mystery Detective will host and handle every detail so you and your party can relax and have fun.

All The Twists and Laughs
of a Night Out...
Without Leaving Your House!

The Murder Mystery Company provides a trained professional to guide you through one of our many themed whodunnits, allowing some of your online team members to act as suspects while others act as sleuths. The interactive nature of these events is so much more than a group chat with icebreaker questions. Our Zoom team building exercises provide true opportunities for collaboration in a fun environment where your team has to work together to achieve a goal.

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The Murder Mystery Company has over 15 years of experience giving parties the touch of mystery they’ve been missing. Partner with us to turn an average get-together into an affordable and unforgettable experience everyone can be a part of!

We pride ourselves on date flexibility, a policy you won’t find through many other companies. Whether you’d like to host this at your home or a venue, we come to you to make virtual mystery magic.

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- Professional Actor will Host your Party

- We handle everything so YOU get to Play

- Play Detective in a Murder Mystery Starring Your Guests

Benefits of Hosting a
Zoom Murder Mystery Game

You Pick the Time
We Commit the Crime
Stress - Free Fun
A Reason To Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual team building?

Team building that is done virtually is very similar to standard team building - just without a breakout room, scavenger hunt, or trust falls. The same concepts apply, you’ll just need to make sure all of your remote employees have a reliable internet connection to join the video call to take part in the virtual team building games and activities.

Why do you need Zoom team building activities?

If your team is scattered across time zones, working from home, or just unable to be in the same place at once, it can be difficult to build the rapport necessary to create a high-functioning team. Sure, you can scour the web for Zoom team building games or virtual team building tools, but without some professional guidance you’re still going to have a group of strangers who occasionally do virtual meetings together.

When Should I Schedule a Virtual Team Building Event?

There’s no such thing as a bad time for a virtual team building event. Some of our clients with remote workers combine a team building event with the holidays to make for a truly unique and productive event. Our virtual office Christmas parties are a unique way to enjoy the holidays and build camaraderie.

A Few Words From our Fans

"Our group loved the Murder Mystery Company! The detective did a great job getting all of my guests involved!"

Patty D.

Albuquerque, NM

“We had a great time! I highly recommend using the Murder Mystery Company for you next murder mystery party."

Lisa S.

Athens, Georgia

"From start to finish, the actress was engaging and fun. My friends and I laughed all night. It was a blast and I will definitely be coming back for a third time the next time we decide to host a murder.”

Sandra B.

Buffalo, NY

Adventure Awaits
With The Murder Mystery Company
(Some Tips From The Party Pros)

When invited to a Murder Mystery Company event, many people wonder what exactly they’ve gotten themselves into. Allow us to answer some common questions you might have, so you can get ready to have an unforgettable experience!

The basic formula for a murder mystery party is simple: We bring out our highly trained improv actors to set the scene for a murder that you and your guests will have the next two hours to solve.

Some of the more outgoing guests at the event will be chosen to play the parts of suspects, but EVERYONE gets to help solve the crime. Sleuths and suspects of all ages are welcome. You can even host a mystery party for kids!

Each murder mystery experience has a specific theme. The murder can take place anywhere. A 1920’s speakeasy, an 80’s rock concert, and a modern day gathering of billionaires are just a few of our options! This gives you, the guest, the chance to play dress up and immerse yourself in the world of the mystery. Costumes can be liberating and add to the experience!

Plan My Party!
Experience + Expertise = Seriously Fun Results
"We've never had such a magical evening that didn't involve a mouse!"
- Julian Aquiano, Walt Disney
“Absolutely brilliant! The Murder Mystery Company is what made this team building event a success.”
- Keith Wilmot, Coca-Cola
“An outstanding evening for everybody involved. It's the most fun our group has had together yet.”
- Cam Lynch, Procter & Gamble
"Unanimously this will go down as one of the best team building events we've ever had!"
- Debbie Wagner, Kelloggs
Have questions? Call our murder mystery experts at (888) 643-2583

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