Killer Themes for Zoom Mystery Parties

Check out our list of fun mysteries, and contact us today to pick out the perfect crime for your Virtual Zoom Mystery Party!

Zoom Murder Mystery Party Themes

This One Last Time

"This One Last Time" is our standard theme that gives you a classic murder mystery experience as if you were a part of the movie Clue! All guests are invited to a mysterious mansion and upon their arrival discover that they are ALL being blackmailed! When the lights go out and someone ends up dead it's up to you to find the real killer among our quirky suspects such as the suspicious widow, the retired army lieutenant, the wealthy CEO, the cat-crazed shut-in, and an apparent spy in attendance. It's bragging rights for you if you can get out of this mansion alive!

Midnight at the Masquerade

The rustle of silks and feathers under muted conversation was probably the last thing heard by the tragically and unexpectedly deceased at the Billionaires’ Club Annual Masquerade Ball. With a mystery under each feathery façade, unmasking the killer may be quite a challenge. It’s up to you to determine which partygoer is guilty, bring this crime to justice, and save the party!

Murder on Platform 9 3/4

Enjoy this Wizarding World Murder Mystery! Join Harry and his friends on a magical adventure at Hogwarts where you get to be students yourself. Play as characters from the movies and books while working together to find the true killer. With magical spells and new students abound, there are bound to be some accidents. Students are enjoying a break from the typically deadly events of the school year. Delores Umbridge is gone, Dumbeldore is back. Gossip circulates about normal things like Quidditch, potions, and teen romance. All of that comes crashing down though after a deadly accident takes the life of a new Professor, seemingly at the hands of Luna Lovegood. Can you help her sort through the memories of the victim and witnesses to clear her name?

Murder on The Polar Express

Murder on the Polar Express is the perfect Zoom murder mystery for the Holiday Season! The guests have all been invited to the sinister Polar Express by the mysterious blackmailer named Kringle. With their secrets on the line, guests can dress up in their holiday best to put on a good face while trying to save face and keep their secrets hidden. Perfect for company celebrations and get-togethers, this show stays holiday-neutral while your guests work together to catch a killer on this runaway train!

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