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What do you Serve at a Murder Mystery Party?

August 17, 2022

Once you’ve decided to host a murder mystery party (hopefully with the help of our Murder Mystery Experts), the next big decision you have to make is what you will be serving your guests once they arrive. Thankfully, we have put together some exciting murder mystery food ideas that will help you plan a meal that will leave everyone full and ready to sleuth the night away. So let’s dive into these murder mystery dinner ideas so you can get onto the details of your themed party and focus on your other party planning duties.


Classy bites.

A charcuterie board filled to the brim with cheeses, meats, nuts, breads, and jams is an easy way to look like a classy adult, even if you don’t feel like one. Lay out a plain table cloth onto your dining room table or kitchen island and set down your best cutting boards (we recommend some bamboo or wooden ones to elevate the scene). Next, cut up wedges of one soft cheese (our fave: brie) and one hard cheese (any will do, we promise) and lay them throughout the table with various crackers in stacks, jams in small bowls, and nuts strewn about.

Consider adding some exotic options like aged cheddar, gouda, or a spicy pepper jack to cater to all taste buds. Don’t forget to include some gluten-free crackers and a vegan cheese option for guests with dietary restrictions. Set out some plates, napkins, and silverware and let your guests go ham (or salami, prosciutto, etc.)


Finger foods.

Do you remember when you were a child attending your friend’s birthday party? Channel that feeling and put out the kinds of foods that would have been served at that gathering. Finger foods are the perfect food for a murder mystery party because these parties are an immersive experience. Your guests can grab what they need as they focus on solving the mystery. 

We’re picturing chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, taquitos, bowls of M&Ms, and maybe a stray carrot stick you would have picked up because you were ‘supposed to’, but didn’t end up eating. Elevate these childhood favorites with gourmet versions, like artisanal mini pizzas or hand-breaded chicken bites. To balance the nostalgia, include some sophisticated finger foods such as mini quiches or stuffed mushrooms. Pair this fun offering with some adult beverages and your guests are guaranteed to have a good ole time.


That good, good BBQ.

Hosting your party during the summer? Pull out your grill and your fire extinguisher and begin cooking up some burgers, hot dogs, brats, and corn-on-the-cob. This option allows the grillmaster to still be engaged in conversation with those who choose to gather around the flames.

Enhance your BBQ with some unexpected items like grilled shrimp skewers, pineapple for a sweet touch, or veggie burgers for your plant-based friends. It also requires the least amount of prep as you can cook them up fresh in front of your guests without seeming rude. Put out some condiments and toppings and your guests can make their main dishes without feeling like they’re cooking for themselves—it’s a win-win!


All the dips.

Do you know what the most underrated food item is? Dips. There are so many kinds of dips to choose from, why not choose them all and make it the focal point of your meal? From hummus to spinach and artichoke to guacamole, the options are endless!

Get creative with some unique dip options like a savory pumpkin dip in the fall or a refreshing mango salsa in the summer. Place out bowls of as many dips as you can think of and anything that could be dipped in them and let your guests fill their plates high. The best part? Dips serve as the appetizer, the meal, and the post-dinner snack so your guests will never go hungry.


Just desserts.

Skip the dinner portion of your meal entirely and go to everyone’s favorite part of the evening: desserts. Bake up pans of brownies, tins of cookies, and sheets of cake and let your guests fulfill their wildest dreams of eating dessert for dinner. Include some diet-friendly options like fruit tarts or sugar-free pastries. 

Get a personalized cake at your local bakery and make that the centerpiece of the table, ending the night by cutting into it and sending each guest home with a slice to enjoy the next day since they’ll probably already be stuffed to the brim with sweets! No one will fault you for the sugar coma they fall into later, we promise.


Since you’re going through all the effort of putting together a great menu with these murder mystery party dinner ideas, why not leave the rest of the evening to our Murder Mystery experts?

Our party planners take all the guesswork out of putting together a get-together that will leave your guests laughing to death. Call us today at (888) 643-2583 to create the party of your dreams today.

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