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Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

November 04, 2015

Greetings from The Murder Mystery Company, where we are tackling our next unsolved mystery: the very strange case of the Bermuda Triangle. Though there are many critics who say all the incidents, disappearances, and deaths in the Bermuda Triangle are just regular dangers and losses of life on the ocean, it can’t be denied that there are definitely some unanswered questions, and more than a enough mystery to catch the attention of the public, and become the massive legend and attraction it is today.

Not only are there mysteries surrounding the tragedies that occurred within the Triangle itself, but there have been some very strange happenings concerning the triangle outside of its borders. On April 13th, 1975, in Fort Lauderdale, on radio station WFTL, Ray Smithers Bermuda Triangle researcher and radio DJ was in the middle of a Bermuda Triangle themed show. Hundreds of phone calls were coming in to ask questions, make comments, and share their Bermuda Triangle stories with Smithers.

Suddenly all of the phone calls were cut off. Smithers tried to answer the phone five times. Five cut off phone calls later a mysterious caller with a strange voice began talking about the “aura” of Earth being the Bermuda Triangle. This phantom caller claimed it was a sort of communication window used by The Millionth Council, of which there is no record or previous knowledge. Many, many listeners contacted the radio station after this bizarre event, sharing similar experiences of bad feelings and feeling strange while listening to the mystery caller. It was never debunked or explained.

There is no concrete proof as to why so many strange things seem to happen in this area. Is it aliens? The lost city of Atlantis? Strange magnetic storms? Outgassing of methane bubbles from the ocean floor playing havoc with floating vessels? Planes that were perfectly fine have gone missing, and boats have faced walls of fog that made it hard for the passengers to breathe. Many people have reported that their navigational equipment failed or malfunctioned while flying or boating through the area.

One thing we can be sure of, is that it won’t be solved anytime soon. As long as vehicles and people keep disappearing and compasses keep malfunctioning, people will keep believing. Is there something there? The world may never know.

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