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It can be hard to come up with new team building ideas for work. A quick Google search will likely turn up the same tired list of things that you’ve seen or done in the past. If you’re looking for some new team bonding ideas that can bring a group of people together, you’ve come to the right place.

No boring ice breakers here, these team building event ideas will bring your team members together, and help them improve their teamwork and communication skills.


Hosting a murder mystery is one of the hottest team building events on the market. This idea is so versatile because it can be tailored to your office size and can work in any venue. Hiring a trusted name like The Murder Mystery Company to handle your event will involve bringing in actors who will guide the mystery as well as provide light costuming and show materials. Someone will die, in a comical way, and it will be up to everyone to deduce who dunnit! We even offer Zoom murder mystery parties that are great for virtual team building and even make an excellent virtual office Christmas party idea. A murder mystery allows teams to flex their professional skills while having fun. Finding clues and piecing together the mystery is merely the guise under which this will be accomplished.


Find the person in your office that has a lot of swords. There’s always someone who has them. Under the safe watch of an HR manager, provide a quick tutorial on how to properly hold and swing the weapon. Then it’s sword time! Hit water bottles atop a wooden structure in the parking lot. Have someone record slow motion videos of the epic slashes and watch the water droplets fly everywhere. It’s fun and reinforces your team’s medieval sense of camaraderie and chaos!


For this activity, you will need a Jenga set. Larger blocks help for writing surface area! This activity operates like an icebreaker. Test your team’s limits by writing fun dares that can be done around the office. Examples would be doing fifteen jumping jacks, trying the hottest sauce in the office fridge, or singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” to their manager. Write these ideas down on the blocks themselves, then stack them up in usual Jenga style. When your team pulls a brick out, they must perform the dare written on it! When the tower comes tumbling down, you could even have one extra day-long dare (such as wearing a silly hat) for the person who caused it to fall! This is a humorous way of bonding your team and helping them loosen up around each other.


Will it be a delicious dessert, or a complete disaster?! The outcome isn’t as important as the creative fun had in this activity. A culinary team-building activity will involve dividing your office into smaller teams. Pick a food category, such a pasta or tacos, and challenge everyone to cook up something yummy. If you’d like, you can add a devilish twist like they do on Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen, and require them to use a strange ingredient or cook with their non-dominant hand.


All you need for this activity is some art supplies and canvas/tarp. Have your team create their own personal masterpiece. You can put them all together and even use it to decorate a wall, or put them throughout the office. No judgement needed on what is the “best” art! This will help the office feel more like home and give coworkers a chance to mingle and compliment each other on their mural!


Take a little time to write 25-20 trivia questions about your workplace. This is an easy and interesting team building game. Test your team’s knowledge about random things about your company. “How many people work in marketing?” “What color are the walls in the CEO’s office?” “What is the most commonly ordered-in restaurant in the office?” “Who is the youngest in the office?” See who has been paying attention to their surroundings!

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