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It can be hard to come up with fun team building activities that actually brings your team together and hasn’t been done to death. If you take a small step outside the box, however, there are some great team bonding games that work well for small groups and large groups, and we’ve assembled a list of ten of our favorites to get you started.

These team building games can take your group members out of their comfort zone and help them improve their communication and teamwork all while having a great time.



Hosting a murder mystery is the top trending team building games to try in 2019. This idea is so versatile because it can be tailored to your office size and can work in any venue. Hiring a trusted name like The Murder Mystery Company to handle your event will involve bringing in actors who will guide the mystery as well as provide light costuming and show materials. Someone will die, in a comical way, and it will be up to everyone to figure out who the culprit is. A murder mystery allows teams to flex their problem solving and critical thinking skills while having fun! Finding clues and piecing together the mystery is merely the guise under which this will be accomplished.


You may have seen it on The Office first–Jim, Andy, and Karen playing an intense game of Call of Duty. This idea is suitable for real offices, not just mockumentary ones! A little virtual team bonding is a great way to use technology to enhance teamwork. The best part is that your department won’t even feel like they’re doing something work-related. A fantasy based MMORPG like Elder Scrolls Online is a good alternative to the more violent Call of Duty. Players must work together to complete quests. The strategy based gameplay will translate into real life creative thinking when it comes to overcoming challenges.


This is a classic game that most people have played at some point in their life. Teach everyone something new about each other by holding a quick sesh of this game. Get your group into a circle and ask them to introduce themselves. Have everyone say three things about themselves, with only two of the statements being the truth. It’s up to the rest of the group to guess which statement is a lie. This game helps to encourage better communication in the office, as well as helping everyone get to know their coworkers better.


Groups of around 4-6 are the best manageable size for this interesting activity. You should instruct these groups to form into circles facing each other. Using a length of rope or long shoe strings, tie peoples’ hands together. Now comes the fun part. You ask them to complete everyday tasks together, all tied up. Examples of this include:

Draw a portrait of each other
Run a relay race
Stackin cups
Doing a somersault
The challenge is obviously working together to achieve these goals while physically constrained. This will force people to think outside of the box and might get a few laughs as a bonus!


Get your group to line up based on different criteria, such as: Birthday, Height, Shoe size, Haircolor, Eyecolor.

To make it a little bit more fun and challenging, make everyone communicate this info non-verbally. As everyone moves about, signing to each other to get grouped up, you’ll be able to observe their non-verbal communicate to complete the task and take note of who takes on the role of organizers or leaders.


This game will require a little bit of imagination. That is, unless you live in the tundra, in which case you can implement this game in a more real sense (which we do not recommend). Tell your team to imagine they are Arctic explorers caught in a blizzard. The team’s leader is suffering from frostbite in both hands and cannot help the team physically. At the same time, the rest of the team has been blinded by the snow. The gear you need for this game is blindfolds and a tent. Blindfold everyone apart from the team leader, who must verbally guide the rest of the team to help build the tent. Give everyone a chance to be the team leader and reinforce the department’s ability to communicate.


Ever wondered how your team sees the future of your business? Find out when you choose this option from the team building games list! The supplies you will need are art supplies like paper, pens, markers, and scissors. Split your office into teams who will come up with news headlines to cover hypothetical successes the company can have in the future. Tell them to get creative with it and think big! Have the groups share their headline ideas and faux newspaper articles. Take notes, you may end up finding some solid ideas for future goals the office can work towards.


Put everyone’s listening skills to the test with this simple exercise. Put your team in a circle. Pick someone to go first and ask them whether they prefer coffee or tea, and how they like to drink it (with sugar, creamer, both, black, etc.). Have the next person in the circle repeat the first person’s preference and then say what their favorite is. Continue around the circle, adding onto the list. This game not only trains memorization techniques but also teaches everyone something personal about each other!


Write a lot of different movie genres on slips of paper and mix them up in a bowl. Divide your group into small teams of 3-4 and have each team pick a random movie genre. They’ll have to write and shoot a short film on their cell phone camera. See how creative people get as they use only the office space and the objects in it to make their masterpiece. When they are complete, screen the short films and have everyone vote on their favorite. You should have some small prizes ready to award to team who made the most compelling film!


Probably one of the most objectively fun options on the list, a Saturday morning paintballing sesh is a solid team building games choice. Plenty of cities have a paintball venue that will rent out their location and equipment to your office. Just make sure you reserve your spot well in advance. Some places will even offer a business discount. Your group will be split into teams and must work together and come up with a cunning strategy to win!


A murder mystery party makes for an excellent team building game in just about any circumstance. Many companies even throw virtual Christmas parties using our murder mystery shows as a way to celebrate and team build at the same time. To learn more, contact one of our event planning experts today at (888) 643-2583.

Have questions? Call our murder mystery experts at (888) 643-2583