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We’ve got a team building event your virtual team will be dying to take part in.

Get your team on the same page while cracking a murder case and having a spectacularly fun time with everyone on your remote team.

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Live Detective (Professional Actor)

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When you choose to work with The Murder Mystery Company your event will be hosted by a trained professional to guide your team through an interactive online whodunnit. Members of your team will act as suspects, sleuths, or both as the case unfolds. Unlike other team building games for remote workers, our murder mystery events are much more interactive and help improve teamwork while building your company culture.

As one of the most popular providers of in-person and online team building events, you can rest assured that our shows will:

Foster competition and camaraderie among your team members

Improve problem solving skills

Provide opportunities for every person to get involved - there’s a role for your introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between

Offer a fun and memorable event

A Few Words From Our Fans

"Our group loved the Murder Mystery Company! The detective did a great job getting all of my guests involved!"

Patty D.

Albuquerque, NM

“We had a great time! I highly recommend using the Murder Mystery Company for you next murder mystery party."

Lisa S.

Athens, Georgia

"From start to finish, the actress was engaging and fun. My friends and I laughed all night. It was a blast and I will definitely be coming back for a third time the next time we decide to host a murder.”

Sandra B.

Buffalo, NY



In a post-Covid world, teams are more scattered than ever before. It can be difficult to build a cohesive team and establish the rapport necessary to maximize your team’s potential with less ongoing interaction. Our team building events are run by professionals and will help your company build their teamwork skills and strengthen personal relationships.


We’ve all taken part in team building activities in the past, the only difference with remote team building is that everyone can do it from the comfort of their home. No large venue or conference room necessary, everyone just needs an internet connection to take part in the video call.


Every team’s schedule is different but we’ve found that many of our clients have found that our team building events work well combined with the company holiday party. This lets remote workers take part in a fun online game to kick off the holidays as part of your standard virtual meeting for the holidays, but offers the additional benefits that come with a top shelf team building event.

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The Murder Mystery Company has over 15 years of experience giving parties the touch of mystery they’ve been missing. Partner with us to turn an average get-together into an affordable and unforgettable experience everyone can be a part of!

We pride ourselves on date flexibility, a policy you won’t find through many other companies. Whether you’d like to host this at your home or a venue, we come to you to make virtual mystery magic.

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