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Year after year, we keep breaking our own records. There's no denying it; We just keep growing!

We have never been your “typical” company. Our goal has always been to create a community that helps each other thrive and advance our individual professional goals. Our anti-gossip policy has successfully created an environment where everyone is open, honest, and supportive because we believe that to be unclear is to be unkind.

We are already the largest dinner theater company in the U.S., performing over 6,500 shows a year for nearly 500,000 guests, in approximately 30 locations across the United States. Awarded the title of Best Interactive Theater in America two years in a row by the The National Dinner Theater Critics Association, and having performed at countless celebrity galas and for 400 of the Fortune 500 companies, the Murder Mystery Company is flourishing.

The Murder Mystery Company operates within our parent company American Immersion Theater, where theater isn’t a story about others, it is a story about you.

Whether you are looking for consistent paid work in the performing arts industry or want to join our HQ crew, we might have just the job for you. You don’t have to live in Hollywood or New York to find a good theater job (though, we do have positions available there too!).


Christopher Vang
Head of Video Production – 2 Years

“There are very few places where they let your creativity fly. This is one of them. This place has challenged me as a film maker to grow and excel my love and passion to create. It’s fresh, entertaining, and unpredictable. The sweet recipe to loving your job.”

Anessa Johnson
Logistics Manager – 4 Years

“The staff is amazing—everyone is so kind and passionate, and there are so many creative ideas constantly popping up. People are really driven to succeed, but while we work really hard, we also have fun! Most of all, though, I love that I got to make my favorite hobby my full-time career.”

Julia Deighton
Personal Event Specialist — 1 Year

“Before working here, I started in retail, moved on to optical, and briefly to the surgical tech field. I was burnt out and looking for a place that had a healthy work environment and valued my skills. From the moment I was hired, this has been the most rewarding, challenging, supportive, and fun job that I’ve ever had. I am forever grateful that I let myself be adventurous with taking this and making it my career. It doesn’t hurt that our Murder Mysteries are a blast either!”

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