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Navigating New Christmas Traditions

October 27, 2023

Hello from The Murder Mystery Co. Headquarters! Every once in a while we receive an interesting contact form that we feel would make for an even more interesting blog. Below is a question we got about hosting a family Christmas murder mystery party and boy, did we have an answer!

Each Christmas, it’s the same sequence of events, and while they’re treasured, it’s becoming a tad repetitive. This year, I’m thinking of adding a twist: a Christmas murder mystery party. But here’s my concern – I suspect my traditional grandparents might raise an eyebrow at the idea. How can I present this in a way that’ll have them, and the rest of the family, as excited as I am?

Patty P., Grand Rapids, MI

It’s natural to want to inject some new energy into annual traditions. Let’s tackle your quandary step-by-step.

Merging Tradition and Novelty

Christmas, at its heart, revolves around stories – from age-old tales to family anecdotes. A murder mystery is simply a fresh narrative with the family as its central characters. Position it as a new way to share a collective story.

Role of Yesteryears

Gently remind your grandparents of the charm of old detective films and radio dramas. A murder mystery party essentially transports participants into one of those plots, allowing everyone to channel their inner detective or dramatic lead.

Seeking Professional Aid

A significant aspect of ensuring this idea is well-received is its execution. Here’s where The Murder Mystery Company steps in. Their expertise ensures that the game is more than just a playful pastime—it’s an immersive experience that feels like a mini theatrical production in your living room.

Emphasizing Unity

Highlight the team-building nature of the game. It’s about working together, sharing theories, and collectively unraveling the plot. In many ways, it embodies the spirit of togetherness that’s synonymous with the holiday season.

In sum, framing the murder mystery as an extension of the storytelling tradition, combined with a well-executed plan (courtesy of The Murder Mystery Company), might just sway any skeptics in your family. Give us a call at 888-643-2583 or fill out the contact form on this page to speak with one of our event planning specialists. Here’s hoping your festive season is both warm and wonderfully intriguing.

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