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3 teenage girls celebrating at a murder mystery quinceanera.

Murder MysteryQuinceaneras

A killer way to cheer for her fifteenth year.

If you love reading a good mystery novel and have a touch of dramatic actress in you, consider throwing a murder mystery quinceanera!

Murder mystery parties are perfect for quinceaneras because it gives everyone a chance to mix and mingle as different characters for a couple hours! When you’re throwing a lavish celebration planned to last several hours, you want to keep your guests engaged and having fun. Our entertainment can be incorporated with the traditional elements of a quinceanera you have planned, as well.

A young lady only has one quinceanera, and you need to make it a truly special day. Give her event entertainment that’ll have her family and friends working together to solve one of our comedic capers!

Ready to plan your dream XV?

When somebody at the party croaks, you and your guests will have put your sleuthing skills to the test to capture the killer. Encounter shady suspects and piece together the clues in a two hour investigation. You can expect a lot of laughs!

We have a variety of show themes for you to choose from for your quince. You can’t go wrong, whether a murderous masquerade or a roaring 20’s theme appeals to you more. Everybody will already be dressed their best, why not take advantage of that with an immersive experience? Party goers will be talking about this unique experience for years after the party ends!

Though bringing talent and materials out to your event may seem expensive, the truth is actually quite the opposite! We know that quinceaneras can be costly affairs when celebrated on a grand scale. Our Event Specialists will give you a completely stress-free planning experience. We personalize our packages based on your needs and guest count and will work with you to find the right price for your needs!

Every girl wants her quinceanera to be an extravagant occasion, and there is no better way to do that than by parternering with The Murder Mystery Company. Contact an Event Specialist and start plotting your killer party today!

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A Killer Party Idea

Ready to turn your friends into sleuths and suspects? Let’s leave the mystery out of the planning. Send us a little bit more information about your event and we’ll get you one step closer to uncovering the killer!


Murder mystery parties with The Murder Mystery Co. are crafted to make a one-of-a-kind experience that is perfect for any event!