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Host a Murder Mystery Party in Orange County, CA

The Murder Mystery Company is making the O.C. in Orange County stand for Outrageously Comedic. It’s true–our murder mystery parties are the nation’s favorite entertaiment source for events of all kinds. We’re now in your city planning parties and events to die for!

You may be familiar with the premise of a murder mystery: someone drops dead in the middle of the party and the comedic case needs to be solved. But not many companies do mysteries the way we do, which is creating a fully immersive experience that everyone can be a part of!

Mystery Dinner Parties at Home

A mystery party can take place in all sorts of places and spaces in Orange County, from a restaurant’s private room to your backyard! You get your choice of venue, no matter what. Another cool feature is that no group is too small or too big to host a crime scene.

Give your next birthday party, team building event, or holiday get-together a high dose of interactivity that will keep your guests guessing until the end. The audience gets to be the star of the show during our murder mystery parties!

Let The Experts in Mystery Entertainment make your next party a guaranteed hit. Contact an Event Specialist today!

Contact one of our murder mystery experts!

A Murder Mystery Party that Lets You Be a Part of an Experience

If you’re unfamiliar with how an event like ours works, here’s a little run down. Spoiler alert: someone’s gonna die. It’ll be up to you and your guests to crack the case and figure out who had the motivation to commit the crime!

Our mysteries only ever have one correct solution, so put your thinking cap on and collect the clues you need to track down the killer. Our pre-written suspect roles are a fun way to get your group out of their comfort zone. A lot of our clients get really into it. We encourage dressing up for your chosen theme, but it isn’t mandatory!

We know a successful party works on every level–both the extroverts and wallflowers will love it. Talk with one of our party planning experts today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’d like more info, check out our in-depth murder mystery party page.

5 Reasons to Try AMurder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Party clients around table
  • 1. It's an excuse to get dressed up.
  • 2. It’s a great opportunity to interact with your friends and coworkers.
  • 3. Role playing is fun!
  • 4. Stepping out of your comfort zone is good for you.
  • 5. It creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Take it from our 30,000+ clients, we're killer!

A Killer Party Idea

Ready to turn your friends into sleuths and suspects? Let’s leave the mystery out of the planning. Send us a little bit more information about your event and we’ll get you one step closer to uncovering the killer!


Murder mystery parties with The Murder Mystery Co. are crafted to make a one-of-a-kind experience that is perfect for any event!