Host a Murder Mystery Party

Your private party is about to become a crime scene, Little Rock—and a really fun one, at that! There is something for everyone in our carefully crafted murder mystery party events.

From the moment you step foot into the room, you and your guests are immersed in the story. Soon enough, someone will drop dead (in a comedic way, of course). Who did it?! Well, that’s up to you to figure out.

We guarantee your guests will love the opportunity to think like detectives for a night. Aren’t you ready to throw a party to die for?

Plan My Party!

Plan My Party!

Mystery Dinner Parties At Home

Our show can be performed pretty much anywhere. Just tell us the “where!” The venue of your choice can be anything from a restaurant's back room to your back patio at home. Our actors can accommodate groups with guest counts from 8 to 350+.

Event types of all kinds have incorporated our show into their timeline with smashing success! When it comes to birthday parties, we know what we’re doing! With the right theme, guests dressed to the nines, and a chance to interact in a new way, we can deliver the perfect day.

Holiday parties no longer have to be an awkward occasion where people stand around holding paper plates of food. Have a mystery dinner party for a chance to build some fantastic memories!

We also believe team building events should be more than a few trust falls and keynote speakers. A murder mystery team builder gets your co-workers or employees excited to work together, with lasting effects.

A murder mystery party is the perfect entertainment solution for your next event in Little Rock, AK. Get in touch with one of our Event Specialists today!

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A Murder Mystery Party
That Lets You be a Part of the Experience

If you’re unfamiliar with how an event like ours works, here’s a little run down. Spoiler alert: someone’s gonna die. It’ll be up to you and your guests to crack the case and figure out who had the motivation to commit the crime!

Our mysteries only ever have one correct solution, so put your thinking cap on and collect the clues you need to track down the killer. Our pre-written suspect roles are a fun way to get your group out of their comfort zone. A lot of our clients get really into it. We encourage dressing up for your chosen theme, but it isn’t mandatory!

We know a successful party works on every level–both the extroverts and wallflowers will love it. Talk with one of our party planning experts today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’d like more info, check out our in-depth murder mystery party page.

Plan My Party!

Stories of Victory!

“Our table was honored as the “Detectives of the Night” for having the “most correct answer” at the murder mystery dinner party. As in, we not only had to name the “whodunnit” but also write a very compelling argument as to why this person had motive and how she committed the murders (there were two!). I was very proud of our team because I felt like we really had to work hard for that distinction! Lots of running around, asking questions, and keeping up with all the different characters.”

- Stephany, Blogger

Have questions? Call our murder mystery experts at (888) 643-2583