Greetings Detective! The holidays are fast approaching, and now is the time to start plotting, er, we mean planning, the perfect holiday party! Every year the parties come, eggnog flows, platters laden with cookies are left with only crumbles, and carols drift through the air. Same party, different dress.

Sure it’s fun, but why not try a whole new way to enthrall your yuletide visitors this season?

Start off your holiday festivities with some ho-ho-ho’s and ha-ha-ha’s by bringing The Murder Mystery Company and their merry and murderous mystery experts to your seasonal soiree for two hours of killer comedy for any Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Yule celebration you have in mind!

Our mystery shows turn your party from merriment to murder, and it’s up to you to help figure out whodunit in a Clue style game of mystery where you and your guests are the game pieces! Solve the crime in time for some cocoa and cookies with our professional performers right in your home or at your favorite local venue.

If holiday hilarity isn’t what you had in mind for your wintry event, try out one of our murderously funny mystery themes, including a mystery masquerade, 1920’s speakeasy, radical 80’s concert, and many more!

Whether you are entertaining family, friends, or the gang from the office, our professional mystery shows will make your murder mystery holiday party a criminally fun time for all your guests. Get all the clues you need to start plotting the perfect holiday party this season by clicking here or calling (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) today!