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Murder Mystery Party Info

Shattering Expectations
Fundraising for the Charles City Chamber of Commerce

“My second week here back in 2016, I picked up Jacie Garden of the Charles City, Iowa Chamber of Commerce. She was in charge of finding entertainment for the CoC’s annual fundraiser banquet. Previous to this, the CoC fundraiser banquet had been bringing in 30-35 donors per year, so that’s what we planned for, with an eye toward expansion. Our first event together was in February 2017 and tickets went on sale in early January of that year. Within a few days of opening up ticket sales, Jacie informed me that they had sold 50 tickets and needed to upgrade to a higher package. Every few days, I’d get an email from Jacie with new ticket figures and within two weeks of opening up sales, she’d sold 200 tickets and cut off sales. 200 tickets, when they’d only expected 35. It was a huge deal for them.

This February, we had our third annual event with the Charles City Chamber of Commerce. Jacie isn’t our main contact anymore because she’s now the president of the CoC due at least in part to the fundraising success she’s had. Each event plans for at least 200, but the last two years have had attendance around 250 donors.

I tell most of my fundraising clients Jacie & Charles City’s story because, yes, it’s inspiring, but because it’s verifiably true.”

- Adam Muszkiewicz, Fundraising Specialist

The Annual Event:
10 Years of Success

The Anna Bonde Capa Scholarship Story

Raised Since 2001

Each year, The Murder Mystery Company, created by CAPA alumni, donates their time and talents to the students of the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) program to benefit the Anna Bonde Scholarship fund. Livonia Public School casts students as the main actors of the show each year.

The Anna Bonde Scholarship honors the memory of a former CAPA student who was tragically killed by a drunk driver. Anna’s mom keeps her memory alive at Churchill by honoring CAPA students with a scholarship in her name. “I am deeply touched that Anna’s friends come from around the state and across the country to do this fundraiser in her honor each year,” said Debra Bonde, Anna’s mother. “This speaks to the lasting impact that Anna made in her 19 years with us. She was an honor student and a talented performer, but what touched people the most was her uplifting, caring spirit and her gift for making everyone around her feel loved and valued.”

Over $100,000 has been raised since Anna’s passing in 2001. The community considers this to be a must attend event for those who want to support the arts in Livonia while remembering Anna Bonde and her life that was cut short.

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