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Picking the right fundraising event idea will take planning and careful consideration of your specific cause. If you want to generate major revenue for your organization, here is a good place to start the process!



Though we may be a little biased, a murder mystery really is one of the best fundraising event ideas. This idea is so versatile because it can be tailored to your event size as it grows and can work in any venue. Hiring a trusted name like The Murder Mystery Company to handle your event will involve bringing in actors who will guide the mystery as well as provide light costuming and show materials. Someone will die, in a comical way, and it will be up to everyone to deduce who the culprit is!

It works great as the main event and can be incorporated seamlessly with your other planned activities, such as a raffle or silent auction. This is an idea that people get excited about because it combines so many different elements in one event.

- No stress planning with an event consultant
- You can have it anywhere you want
- Guests can wear costumes and act as a character
- Create an annual event most people have always wanted to do
- Works as an excuse to mix and mingle
- Guarantee of raising funds for a well-deserving cause



- The balloon room will be prime Instagram content
- People love a chance to win

Blow up a bunch of balloons and hide some special prizes in some of them, such as donated gift certificates from local businesses, trinkets, or drink vouchers. Sell needles at a high cost to event-goers for the chance to “pop for prizes!” Limit them to 2 or 3 balloons a pop.



- Turn an individual activity into a group effort
- Appeal to a younger crowd

Make video-gaming the most charitably productive activity in your community. It really can work! For example, Desert Bus for Hope raised over half a million dollars during a previous gaming fundraiser. Host a gaming night where people can sign up and create a fundraising page, play games (or just one you select) marathon-style, and ask friends and family for donations. Different individual or team contests (and prizes) can drum up excitement and donations throughout the evening.



- Showcase local talent
- Auction off handmade items

If you don’t think a runway walk could possibly get you some much-needed funds, you may want to think again! A charity fashion show is a trendy and modern way to raise money for your organization. You will most likely need to partner with a local venue and designers/volunteer models to see who would be willing to donate their space and services to your event. Sell tickets to the event by sharing it on social media.



- Give a local person the spotlight
- Discuss topics relevant to your cause
Is there someone special in your community that you think would share your passion for your cause? Whether they are a local celebrity, comedian, or expert, picking someone who other people admire will always have a good draw. Invite your community through the traditional marketing means (social media, email, flyers). Ask for a suggested donation and make the cause clear, or charge a flat rate for entry.



- People can walk away with something they want while donating money
- Potential to attract wealthy donors if items are high quality

A charity auction can be an event of its own or can be paired with any other planned fundraising event. The first choice to be made is what kind of auction you are going for. You could do it online or in person. Will it be silent or with an announcer? It’s ultimately up to you to pick what you think would best suit your event. A good auctioneer can usually help you get equal to or more than market value for each particular item. A silent auction is usually less, but there are some exceptions. Collect items to be bid on through a team of staff and volunteers to reach out to their contacts. Experiences and unique items often do the best!



- Adrenaline pumping excitement
- Push yourself outside of your comfort zone

Here’s another fundraising idea that may check a box off the old bucket list! Factor the cost of the dive into the amount of money you have to raise or see if a local skydiving company will donate their service to your cause. Hype it up online and tell people that once you reach your fund goal, you will make the jump. You can alternatively find someone who would not normally do something so daring to agree and be the face of the campaign. It is usually quite motivating to people to donate if the jumper acts reluctant to do it. Say what you will about what this says about the human condition–get ready to feel the adrenaline!



- A classic fundraiser everyone will recognize
- Any age group can participate

With some events such as The Northwestern University Dance Marathon raising upwards of one million dollars, it’s no wonder dance marathons have been one of the most well-known fundraiser ideas nationwide. Hold it for a long time period of your choice (usually 24 hours) and have people sign up in teams to motivate each other and encourage some friendly competition.



- Offer multiple games and activities in one event
- Potential to draw a large number of people

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! Throwing a carnival as a fundraiser can be a lot of work, but the happiness on your attendees’ faces will be so worth it (not to mention it can be rather lucrative when executed properly). Get a team together to create an event that people can spend the majority of their day at, with plenty of planned activities, games, and concessions.



- Opportunity to use peer-to-peer fundraising platforms
- Raise awareness

This event has a high ROI because of the low investment it takes to make it happen! Doing a 5K is easy to promote because of fundraising platforms, like GoFundMe. Peer to peer fundraising platforms are appealing to those who want to make friends and family aware of your cause through social media. This idea works no matter the fitness level of the individual, from pro racers to mall walkers. Charge an entrance fee and crowdfund through the participants.

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