In today’s challenging world of dealing with a global pandemic, parties have gotten a little more difficult to plan. Getting the adults together may not seem like an option for the holidays in 2020. However, with a little help from technology you can still put together adult Christmas parties that are fun and exciting. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time for you to begin planning your Christmas parties in a virtual space. You can still make just as many memories spending time together virtually as you can in person. There are all kinds of options to have holiday fun in a virtual setting that will still provide you with a memorable party. We have a few different adult Christmas party ideas that can help you get started with planning your event.

Murder mystery Zoom party  

A murder mystery is a great way to bring your adult friends together this Christmas to solve a crime and enjoy some laughs! There are many unique roles that each guest can take on as a detective, a suspect, or both! Similar to a live murder mystery event, a virtual murder mystery utilizes an online video platform, Zoom, to host the fun. You will have a professional actor that will lead the entire show from start to finish. If you are the one hosting this party, once you set up a date and provide information to your guests, you will be all set! The professionals will take care of the rest of the work for you, which allows you to partake in the fun as well. This is the perfect Christmas party idea for adults because it gets everyone in your party engaged and involved in the mystery. 

Some things to know about a Zoom murder mystery party: 

  • Up to 12 players can participate
  • Minimal planning on the host’s part 
  • A full two hour engaging experience 
  • BYOB – enjoy a beverage from the comfort of your home

This is the best way to plan a Christmas party for adults with minimal effort from you as the host! Simply contact the professionals at The Murder Mystery Company and they will grab the reins and run with your Christmas party theme.

Become a mixologist 

Missing out on the happy hour get-togethers with your friends? Bring happy hour to your own house for your holiday party this year! You can book a virtual happy hour with your adult friends this year for a holiday themed party that includes Christmas themed cocktails. Each person in your party will be sent all the necessary supplies to make their own cocktails from the comfort of their own home.  A virtual mixologist will lead you and your friends through the steps of making the special cocktail so you can all enjoy a virtual happy hour together. Cheers!

Play Werewolf

If you’re looking for another unique way to interact with your adult friends for Christmas, why not try a new game? You can get all of your friends together on Zoom to play a fun game called Werewolf. Each person is given a different character and it’s up to all of you to work together and use the clues to figure out each person. It is a very social game that involves deception. This is the perfect option if you have a larger group of people to play with as you can have up to 20 players at one time. This game can go on for many rounds and gets even more challenging each time as you learn more about how certain people in your group will respond to deceit. This game can get intense and quite thrilling when more people start playing. To learn more about this game and how to set it up over Zoom successfully, check out this post.

What are you waiting for?

With these adult Christmas party ideas in hand, you should have everything you need to begin planning your very own party. Even with the challenges that this year has brought in terms of connecting with family and friends, these ideas are perfect for a safe, Christmas themed party that everyone can attend. Get started planning your event today for an adult only Christmas party that will bring excitement and joy to everyone this holiday season!