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Stepping into the 90s for a Murder Mystery Night

January 02, 2024

Ah, the 1990s – a time of Beanie Babies, Spice Girls, and neon galore. But guess what? It’s time to relive those iconic moments with a twist of mystery! The Murder Mystery Company has just launched a brand new 1990’s themed murder mystery party called ‘Good Riddance’, and it’s your turn to dress up and step back in time. If you’re wondering what to wear to fit into this gnarly era’s murder mystery, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive into some rad outfit ideas that will have you looking the part.

Grunge It Up

Channel your inner Nirvana fan and go for the grunge look. Think flannel shirts tied around the waist, ripped jeans, and of course, the quintessential Doc Martens. Add a band tee for a touch of authenticity, and maybe even a leather jacket if you’re feeling particularly rebellious. Grunge was all about the carefree, I-don’t-care look, so feel free to mix and match.

© Pexels
© Pexels

Spice Up Your Life

Want to spice up the party? Embrace your inner Spice Girl! Platform shoes are a must, paired with bold, vibrant outfits. Baby Spice’s iconic babydoll dresses, Sporty Spice’s athletic gear, or Posh Spice’s little black dress – pick your favorite and own it. Don’t forget the girl power accessories, like chunky jewelry and, of course, a high ponytail with a scrunchie.

© Terry McGinnis

Back to the Arcade

For those who lived in high-waisted jeans and spent hours in arcades, this is your moment. Pull out those retro gamer tees, maybe with a classic video game logo or character. Pair it with high-waisted jeans or bright-colored leggings. Add some fun accessories like a snap bracelet or a quirky backpack. It’s all about capturing that carefree, playful spirit of the ’90s.

© Pexels
© Pexels

Accessorize Like It’s 1999

No ’90s outfit is complete without the decade’s iconic accessories. Snap bracelets, mood rings, and chokers are great options. If you want to go the extra mile, find a vintage Walkman and some cassette tapes to hook onto your belt. And let’s not forget those funky sunglasses in shapes and colors that defy all rules!

The Ultimate ’90s Night with The Murder Mystery Company

Excited for a night of nostalgia and intrigue? ‘Good Riddance’ isn’t just another themed party – it’s a full-blown 1990’s experience with a side of sleuthing. The Murder Mystery Company specializes in crafting an immersive murder mystery that will take you back in time. Our professional team takes care of everything, from the plot to the performance, so all you have to worry about is whether to dress more like Courtney Love or Will Smith.

Book Your ’90s Murder Mystery Experience

Ready to jump back into the 1990s and solve a mystery that’s as perplexing as a Rubik’s Cube? Contact The Murder Mystery Company at 888-643-2583 or fill out one of the contact forms. Let us take you on a thrilling trip back in time with ‘Good Riddance’, where you can show off your best ’90s look and solve a crime that’s as intriguing as the decade itself.

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