Greetings Detectives! You know we love a thrilling mystery here at The Murder Mystery Company, and today we want to share with you our top three picks for some classic murder mystery movies that will get you in the mystery solving mood.

3) Murder on the Orient Express


This tragic murder mystery takes place on a train full of motive, intrigue, and murder. After a well loved little girl is viciously killed and the criminal is let loose, a group of grief filled, rage stricken family and friends decide to take justice into their own hands. Little do they know that they’re on the line for murder when a detective crashes the party! This is a classic whodunit thriller you simply must add to your list.

2) Rear Window


This classic Hitchcock film takes mystery solving in a new and slightly unorthodox direction, making voyeurism the main tool in gathering clues, and solving what is undoubtedly one of the most lowdown and dastardly murders in cinematic history. An injured man housebound in a wheelchair witnesses a murder. By sleuthing through his window with a camera and binoculars, he tries to gather enough evidence to force the man to confess. There are several moments in the film that definitely give you a gut wrenching thrill.

1) Clue


What kind of Murder Mystery Company would we be if we didn’t put Clue as our number one pick!? This movie has it all, the glamour, the adrenaline-rush inspiring plot twists, a dark creepy mansion, and all the suspicious characters you could ask for. This game inspired film even has three different endings!

It’s all well and fun to watch these killer classic films and shout your guesses at the tv screen while you watch, but if you want to solve a real live mystery, come join The Murder Mystery Company at a crime scene near you for all the food, fun, and murder you can ask for!