Murder on Platform 9¾

“Alohomora!” Unlock dark secrets in this Wizarding World Murder Mystery. Are the Slytherin up to something again, or is there another force at play? Put your minds and your wands to the test!

Something is amiss in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts! There has been a murder most foul that reeks of enchantment. This magical whodunnit will leave you wishing you had a dose of Felix Felicis to make you lucky enough to find a clue. Is it that new Defence against the Dark Arts professor, or that observer from the Ministry of Magic? That sketchy rat familiar, or that quiet exchange student from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic who has what looks like the faded image of the dark mark on their arm?

Hide the Polyjuice, practice your swish and flick, and concentrate on your patronus to solve this spellbinding mystery while winning those ever important points towards the House Cup!

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