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May 12, 2015

Hello Detectives! Summer is finally here! The heat, the beaches, the never ending stream of cookout invites and pool parties.. Why not try a unique new way to heat up your summer with the talented and hilarious mystery experts from The Murder Mystery Company?

We can take your regular ordinary family reunion, picnic, backyard barbecue, pool party, back porch potluck, open house, graduation party, luau, or any fun in the sun event and turn it into a murder mystery party that blows other entertainment out of the water.

We offer a variety of killer show themes for your party, and each one is customizable to your specific party, so if you want to razz your friends or make a certain family member a suspect, we can do that! Imagine how much more interesting your next barbecue or pool party will be when someone drops dead right in the middle of your party, and you have to figure out whodunit with your guests!

Have a blast playing sneaky suspects and clever detectives, bribing each other for important clues, and solving the crime! If you had a sizzling summer soiree planned for this season, team up with The Murder Mystery, we’ll take care of you.

Host your own Mystery Party!

Our Murder Mystery Experts are excited to talk to you about your personalized party plans.

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