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Hosting a private murder mystery party in Atlanta is the ultimate way to make sure your upcoming event is next-level. This is the type of party that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy, because each guest is involved in the investigation of a thrilling and comedic case. You supply the guests, and we’ll turn them into a group of shady suspects and sleuthing detectives for the evening!

Tons of event types can be turned into one of our themed Clue-style cases here in Atlanta. We recommend murder mystery parties for upcoming business events, like team building days, as well as birthdays, holiday get-togethers, and just about any other festivity you’re planning.

Mystery Dinner Parties At Home

One of the coolest things about our entertainment service is that we can go anywhere. Yes, literally anywhere. We can accommodate your group if it’s outdoors, indoors, in a private living room, or a large event hall. Any setting can become an intriguing crime scene, so prepare for the ATL murder mystery party of a lifetime!

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A Murder Mystery Party
That Lets You be a Part of the Experience

If you’re unfamiliar with how an event like ours works, here’s a little run down. Spoiler alert: someone’s gonna die. It’ll be up to you and your guests to crack the case and figure out who had the motivation to commit the crime!

Our mysteries only ever have one correct solution, so put your thinking cap on and collect the clues you need to track down the killer. Our pre-written suspect roles are a fun way to get your group out of their comfort zone. A lot of our clients get really into it. We encourage dressing up for your chosen theme, but it isn’t mandatory!

We know a successful party works on every level–both the extroverts and wallflowers will love it. Talk with one of our party planning experts today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’d like more info, check out our in-depth murder mystery party page.

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A Firsthand Account

“Have you ever played Clue – the murder mystery board game, where you accuse others of the crime (why is the candlestick always the murder weapon?!)? Well, what if I were to tell you that you could experience Clue in real-life? Let me explain. There’s this fabulously entertaining business by the name of The Murder Mystery Company, and they specialize in murder mystery parties. Basically, they hold public shows that anyone can buy a ticket to, and with the use of talented actors, they immerse the audience as a part of a murder mystery dinner experience. It is too cool! They even give you the option for a private party, where they bring the mystery to you, and let you host your own dinner party. Such a fun idea to get everyone together for a different kind of night.”

- Nikka Shae, Event Blogger

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