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An Office Christmas Party Theme to Die For

June 12, 2017

The busiest time of year for The Murder Mystery Company is always around the holidays. Whether it is for a full-on Christmas party, a more holiday-neutral corporate office party, a virtual office Christmas party, or something in between, a murder mystery party is a fantastic idea that never fails to deliver. When you book The Murder Mystery Company for your event, all the hard work is done. You get two hours of interactive entertainment that will keep your guests happy and give them something to talk about for years after. It is the perfect solution to combat the stresses of the holiday season.

This year, we have the company Christmas party idea that’ll have your co-workers dying for more. Our most popular holiday show has been completely redone. New characters, new plot, new clues, and a new murder! Even if you have been one of the fortunate few who have already attended one of our holiday or Christmas-themed events, you haven’t seen this one. The scene is set to take place at a corporate office party, but not all of the company is in good cheer. The party quickly falls apart when someone’s idea of a good time involves murder! Chaos and hijinks ensue as it becomes your job to root out the killer before they strike again. Anyone in the room could be the guilty party, even you! No one is above suspicion.

Be one of the first to see this hilarious new twist on our classic holiday party show The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year. Just give us a call at (888) 643-2583 and let one of our Crime Scene Consultants know that you need a murder committed at your holiday event. We can take it from there!

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