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Famous Mystery Writers and Their Characters: The Butcher Edition

March 02, 2016

Today we’re going to step away from some of the old classic detectives and shine some light on one of the coolest contemporary private eyes to be written on paper! The character of supernatural private investigator and professional wizard, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, is written by author Jim Butcher in his currently ongoing series “The Dresden Files.”

Jim Butcher has made a groundbreaking bridge in the gap between old school detective fiction and fantasy. He effortlessly melds the two worlds of the seedy criminal underbelly of Chicago with the fantastical yet dangerous world of magic and the supernatural. Butcher writes Harry Dresden’s character as a wisecracking and cynical, yet dangerously powerful, private investigator. His cases take him anywhere and everywhere, from the mansions of vampiric crime lords to encounters with his not so kindly fairy godmother – and her pack of flesh-eating hellhounds!

Harry Dresden combines his wizarding talents with classic detective skills for a myriad of tasks, helping those who need it most while also trying to save his own hide. His clientele range from your average run of the mill humans, to all manner of fairy tale creatures, many of which you would not expect to see in the same story!

Using his eclectic assortment of wizarding powers, Harry saves himself, his friends, and the world many times over, evolving his powers and gaining an odd assortment of allies in the process. His attempts to come off as a gruff and hardened cynic are constantly undermined by his biggest weakness – to protect anyone who is vulnerable and in need of assistance or protection.

Butcher has made a wonderful contribution to the hard-boiled detective novel genre and continues to leave readers waiting with bated breath for the next book in his smash hit series. If you love a good mystery, but can’t wait till his next book to solve one, join The Murder Mystery Company for an evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder to take your mind off it. We promise you’ll have a killer time!

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