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Famous For A Day

October 09, 2015

Imagination. Curiosity. Opportunity. Creativity. These are all the ingredients that were whisked together to create an atypical and extraordinary new service called Famous for a Day. Brought into being by Scott Cramton, Famous for a Day is a paparazzi rental service that is now available in most major cities in the United States. Cramton had an already established network of professional performers at his beck and call, and an idea. Everyone wants to be famous, so why not let them be? Instead of people sitting around daydreaming about the lives of the rich and famous, why not give them the chance to experience it first hand?

So began Famous for a Day, a company that makes you famous for an hour, an afternoon, or a whole day if you desire! You can craft the specific celebrity experience you want. Want to be harangued by paparazzi as you go about your afternoon errands? Pose for photos outside the club you frequent with your friends? Maybe hold an impromptu press conference for your screaming fans? Have you daydreamed about what it would be like to sign autographs from behind the protective arm of your bodyguard? Famous for a Day lets you find out. You tell them what you want to experience, and they deliver.

Now, they won’t do any creepy stuff, like follow someone and take their pictures unknowingly, or spy on someone, none of that shady stuff. This is a fun, unique experience where everyone involved gets to feel like a star, and have a glamorous night of pampering and attention! The people who make Famous for a Day possible have a foolproof method to make sure your evening of celebrity goes exactly the way you want it. They start with a questionnaire, and even honor special requests.

Famous for a Day isn’t just a paparazzi rental service either. You can use them at your parties, inside or out. Guests will feel flattered and special showing up to your private event to a wall of flashing cameras and people shouting for autographs, and love the opportunity to get a picture to capture great moments inside the party.

Scott Cramton has always been an avid autograph collector, and in the many hours he stood in line waiting for just a few shared moments with his greatest idols, he had plenty of time to think about what it must be like on the other side of the camera, holding the pen instead of asking for the autograph, and being the object of adoration for untold masses. Now, anyone can experience that life, with the added bonus of not having paparazzi snapping shots of you through your window while you sleep!

If fame and stardom are the things you have been craving, sate your appetite for celebrity with a Famous for a day experience crafted just for you. Get the full scoop on what it takes to score your fifteen minutes of fame (or more!) at their website today.

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