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Have you ever wanted to use your acting skills to empower others?

Do you have the heart of a teacher?

Does theater bring joy to your life?

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The Role

We’re looking for the Director of American Immersion Theater in (insert Troupe City).

As the leader of the (insert Troupe City) immersioneers, you will help us build a community of paid actors. You’ll rehearse and cast shows while creating a terrific family environment that actors want to be a part of.

Our shows range from small intimate gatherings to larger company team-building events. Regardless of the client you’ll help achieve the company mission of “Empowering People to Participate”

You'll have a first-hand experience to see how the work you do impacts others. Use your acting, teaching, and leadership skills to grow a team that empowers clients and changes their lives through the experience of immersive theater.

The Story

The Perks

We offer:

Paid Performances

Travel Opportunities

Steady Acting Opportunities

All client packages are booked and managed by Headquarters, so you can focus on leading the (insert city) immersioneers through teaching our patented experiential training and casting them on their next experiential adventures!

The Specifics

Job Types:
Part-time; Sub-Contract

(Insert Location Based Hrs/Week)

Paid weekly for allotted director hours

Paid weekly for show performances

Paid weekly for all travel bonuses

Work Location:

(Insert Troupe Home Address)

Travel ranges between 20-300 round trip miles on average

one-on-one personal training and guidance from the leaders of the immersive entertainment industry

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Our Company Mission

About American Immersion Theater

American Immersion Theater (AIT) is the nation's most popular immersive theater company. AIT proudly performs hundreds of shows each year in the greater Boston Area split between its different brands: The Murder Mystery Company, The Princess Party Company, The Superhero Experience, and Famous for a Day. Although the lions share of performances will always come from The Murder Mystery Company.

At American Immersion Theater, we work with talented individuals who are passionate about play! Our actors focus on performances that prioritize interacting as much as acting by utilizing our immersive theater method. This type of training combines ad-libbing skills and audience participation. Our culture is creative, inclusive, and community-oriented.

As we celebrate our 20th year, we are expanding into new areas and need passionate people to become part of our story. We look for leaders that want to change the world through theater. Teachers who have a high interest in crafting the art of performance, while encouraging a friendly environment for our actors.

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