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Company Holiday Party Ideas

November 03, 2016

1. Murder Mystery Company Holiday Party

If you want to truly impress at your company’s Christmas party, a murder mystery is the way to go! Professional actors immerse your group in a mind-boggling mystery that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats as they investigate and solve the crime. The best part is that you can pick from any of our varied signature cases, with themes ranging from a traditional holiday show to masquerades and 1920s noir. For the best corporate holiday party around, give our murder pros a call today at (855) 382-3701.

2. Cookie Decorating Contest

If there’s one thing that always goes over well at corporate holiday parties, it’s food. Turn the food into an activity by hosting a cookie decorating contest for your employees or co-workers. You can set out frosting, icing, and sprinkles, along with dozens of plain sugar cookies. Another fun addition would be to hold smaller “challenges” within the contest, like asking everyone to decorate the cookie using only one color, or decorating a cookie that embodies the spirit of the holiday season. It’s great, delicious fun that will keep the office entertained for hours.

3. Festive Fun and Games

Your employees will want to unwind at the office after a long year of work, and there’s no better way to relax than to kick back and play some games. Whether that’s board games, arcade games, or party games, it’s up to you. Set up your space with plenty of room for playing. See if you can rent some old school arcade games, or ask everyone to bring a game from home to offer up as an activity. You can even get more festive with it and alter some popular games to have a holiday twist, like Pin the Nose on the Reindeer or Christmas Charades.

4. Celebrity Santas

A fun way to let your employees and co-workers get creative is to make your company Christmas party a theme that encourages them to dress up. Ask everyone to don a Santa costume, but here’s the catch: they should also be dressed up as someone famous. Someone might arrive dressed as Harry Potter Santa, Bob Barker Santa, Katy Perry Santa, or Tarzan Santa. Hold a costume contest to see who had the best or funniest celebrity Santa costume and offer small gifts to those with the most votes.

5. Holidays Around the World

Travel around the world while staying right in your office! Different countries and cultures have amazing holiday traditions, and incorporating them into your company’s annual party is a great idea. Food, decorations, and even music and games can be influenced by traditions from across the globe. Try out some Mexican tamales, Italian pandoro, or French bûche de Noël. Everyone will enjoy the chance to take part in something different during your office holiday party!

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