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Bachelorette Party Murder Mystery Outfit Ideas

August 10, 2023

There’s the typical bachelorette party, and then there’s a murder mystery bachelorette party! A thrilling whodunit adventure is the cherry on top of any pre-wedding bash. And when it comes to playing a character in a murder mystery, the outfit is half the fun. Let’s dive into some killer outfit ideas that’ll make sure everyone remembers the night (for reasons other than the mystery itself!).

Flapper-tastic: Roaring ’20s Ensemble

Channel the charisma of the Roaring ’20s. Picture fringed flapper dresses, sequined headbands, and feathered boas. Gents can don pinstriped suits, fedoras, and shiny wingtip shoes. Embody the jazz age with panache, and shimmy the night away!

Hollywood Glam: Stars and Suspense

Become a movie star for the night! Long, satin gloves; glitzy gowns; and dapper tuxedos will transport everyone straight to old Hollywood. Red lipstick, pearls, and bow ties will complete this classy and sassy look.

Mafioso Mania: Gangsters and Dolls

Time to go a little mobster! Pencil dresses, suspenders, and fedoras paired with dark shades will give that perfect mafia boss feel. Whether you’re a gangster or a femme fatale, the intrigue will run deep when you’re looking this sharp.

Wild West Whodunit: Cowboys and Saloons

Gather the posse and hit the Wild West! Corsets, ruffled skirts, vests, and boots are the way to go. Cowboy hats and bandanas? Essential. Sheriff badges for an extra touch? Why not! It’s all about taking a trip back to the days of outlaws and saloon showdowns.

Five friends stand together at a murder mystery bachelorette party

Glamorous Goths: Dark and Dramatic

For those wanting to lean into the murder part of the murder mystery, why not go gothic? Velvets, laces, chokers, and capes. Dark makeup and even darker mysteries await!

Get Groovy: Disco Divas and Rock Stars

Bright neon colors, bell bottoms, platform shoes, and afro wigs? Time to revisit the disco era! Pop in some retro sunglasses and let the funky times roll.

Each theme offers its own unique blend of fun and fantasy, and there’s nothing quite like seeing everyone decked out in character, adding to the overall experience.

Props & Accessories: It’s All in the Details

Remember, accessories can make or break an outfit! From pocket watches for the 1920s gentlemen to oversized peace signs for the disco devotees, details truly matter. Even simple props, like a magnifying glass or a mysterious envelope, can add depth to the storyline and character.

Still Unsure? Seek Expert Guidance!

If the idea of planning costumes and props for your bachelorette party murder mystery feels daunting, remember – you don’t have to do it all alone! The Murder Mystery Company is seasoned in all things suspense and style. Let us take the reins on your party’s theme, narrative, and more, ensuring that your event is as seamless as it is memorable. All you and your guests have to do is show up, look fabulous, and have a blast. Contact us today!

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