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A Murderously Fun Halloween Mystery Party

October 12, 2015

Greetings Detectives! It’s that time of year again, brightly colored leaves are crunching under our feet, toothy jack-o-lanterns laugh at us from porch fronts, and the scent of pumpkin spice is wafting under our noses from positively everywhere! It’s decision time, you have to find the perfect costume, and the ultimate choice looms: to party, or to throw a party, that is the question.

If you need help answering, here’s a new idea to chew on. Spend the creepiest night of the year throwing a murder mystery costume party with the experts in mystery entertainment, and solving a mystery right at your party. We have a criminally fun crime scene theme list to choose from, so you can host a murderous masquerade and let your friends glam up in their ballroom favorites, or you can get down and dirty 1920’s style with a mafia themed party. Not into those? Check out our theme list and pick your favorite, or customize a show to your favorite Halloween theme!

Everyone is throwing a costume party for Halloween, but with us you get more than monster mash and bobbing for apples, you get a crime scene and a front row seat to a murder (comically executed) and all the shenanigans that lead to the culprit! You and your guests get to be the suspects and detectives in your own personal live action game of Clue!

Planning this killer party is an easy task, we put you in good hands with one of our charming on call Crime Scene Planners, and they will make sure everything is ready to go for the event, all you have to do is scare up some guests!

Make your Halloween frightfully fun with a murder mystery costume party this year by clicking here or calling 888-643-2583 today!

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